Dilovely’s Top 10 Pick-Me-Ups

The other day, I was in a funk. I’d had some news from my school board that made me feel frustrated and undervalued, and once I felt like that, every other little thing made me feel worse. E was in a cranky mood and doing his whiny cry for no reason all the time, and I was tired of listening to it, tired of worrying about money, of never making headway on my gigantic to-do list, of my house always being a mess even right after I clean up, of food underfoot thrown on the floor by my darling son… tired of owning that onus. (Props to all the single parents out there, for the ump-hundredth time – whew.)

Luckily, it was temporary. I also tire of feeling bad about feeling bad, knowing that my life is great and I have absolutely no reason to complain – so it’s a relief when these funks lift.

I decided to create a new blog list of my Top 10 Pick-Me-Ups, so that when any of us is in a bad way, we can take our pick of moments to put some joy and faith back in our lives on Earth. Just reminders, really, of the awesomeness that is present and possible.

1. Splashin’ in a Washbasin – I’ve already mentioned that this is key in kicking a bad mood. I can’t deny that my family, while sometimes the source of my frustration, is also my best pick-me-up.

2. Chillout Song – Read a story that will truly warm your heart, and let Ze reassure you. It’s gonna be all right. Just breathe.

3. Free Hugs – a great one for funks, because it starts off sad and then picks you up! So simple but SO GREAT – brings a happy tear to my eye every time.

4. Lion Hugs – again with the happy tear. (I’m a big mush-ball now that I’m a mom – I finally get it, after years of seeing my own mom get teary-eyed over everything and shaking my head…)

5. LOLcats – moving along from big cats to little cats, lolcats.com is always a great place to go for some funny cuteness. For example:
lolcats in ur tshirt

6. Slow Loris – from cats to creatures you’ve never seen… this is a classic. I dare you not to smile!

7. Baby Laughs – we should all find something that makes us laugh this hard. And of course, once you watch one baby laughing, you want to see more, and there are LOTS.

8. Engrish – warning: this site is totally addictive. Little taste below.

9. Hairspray Finale – it’s got it all! Heroes getting rebellious, mean girls getting their comeuppance, John Travolta shakin’ her tailfeather, the triumph of integration, and above all, lots of people singing and dancing together just like humans are meant to! Cheese factor be damned – this never fails as a pick-me-up.

10. Global Stand By Me – same message, mellow modern version. Humanity groovin’ in the name of love. That’s what it’s all about.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Top 10, and make a quick visit whenever you need a boost. I’m sending you love. 🙂 🙂 🙂

P.S. – Here’s a bonus, courtesy of my sister-in-law’s blog, Home With Mom – for an amazing clip that you won’t forget, to put things in perspective… please click here.

P.P.S. – And a bonus-to-come… stay tuned for Dilovely’s Top 20 List of Pick-Me-Up Songs!



10 thoughts on “Dilovely’s Top 10 Pick-Me-Ups

  1. christina says:

    omg Diana I totally feel your love!! I watched the Lion Hug and bawled, then I watched the baby laughing and laughed till I had tears again….then I watched your sister’s clip and cried some more, with my beautiful daughter sitting beside me soaking it all in. You have definitely made my day. Now I get to send you MY love. <3

  2. Bev says:

    O-O-O-kay! My favourite of your pick-me-ups is, of COURSE, #4, not so much because of the lion hugs but because of the tag line! Ah, ha! Just like that Lynn Johnston book, “Mom, I’m Finally Beginning to Understand You.” It takes having a kid to understand how it feels to have (a) kid(s)! Having a kid gives you a whole new view of life and what’s important in it and what needs to be treasured. This link is one that does it for me – must have watched it 10 times yesterday!:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keerMIYpyAw

    • diblog says:

      Thanks for sharing that! I agree, it’s a pick-me-up of the same calibre – you can’t beat those smiling, singing faces.

  3. Julianne Smit-Brousseau says:

    Loved it all, will keep it on reserve when I need my pick me up, but thanks to your page is no longer today. Thanks to you, I now have a warm gracious blanket of love and hope to wrap myself with when I’m feeling cold and lonely and one to share with others when they feel the same.


    • diblog says:

      Thank YOU for reading, Julianne! I’m glad you found it when you needed it. I miss you – hope to see you again soon!

  4. diblog says:

    Haha, yeah, I love that video! But he does dance a little bit in Hairspray – not the finale, but the duet with John Travolta, with all the costumes. 🙂

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