5-Day Artist Challenge, Day 2: Drama

Today on 5-Day Artist Challenge, I bring you DRAMA. If art is bread for the soul, I’m gonna say that drama is… French toast. You take some words/bread that someone else made a while ago, and make it your own. You give it new life with your own egg/milk mixture of interpretation. It might, in the end, look completely different from how […]

A Message to the Daddies on Mother’s Day, or “How (Not) to Incur Mama’s Wrath”

This post is dedicated to all the fathers and fathers-to-be out there, with love – especially if this is your first Mother’s Day. I hope some of these words can be useful to you, or to someone you know. (If you are an equal-time, full-time, or single dad, then you can stop reading now… Welcome to the Mama Club.) I know […]

Expect Miracles

This is a picture of the bracelet I have been wearing every day in 2012, in the hopes that its auspicious message would sink in, beyond my skin, to my soul. This January, when I found out that I was indeed pregnant with our third child, I experienced a split-second of pure, undiluted joy. The next moment, both my hands […]

Snapshots from Homecoming Weekend, a.k.a. “Glad to be Old”

It’s Homecoming weekend. No wonder there were so many students all garbed-out at the same time: boys with warpaint on their faces, girls with gaudy t-shirts offsetting their way-too-short shorts. There’s a big house party on a busy street. The music can be heard blocks away. A gaggle of students crowds the front porch, surrounded by discarded beer cups (red, […]

March Break Madness: more blogscuses

Well, I think this clinches it. When asked how my March break was, I can firmly say that it was un-relaxing. I can’t say that it was completely un-fun, although much of it was. Both of my boys on drugs – the little one for pneumonia, the big one for bronchitis and sinusitis. Not very good sleep for anyone… and […]

Kids Are Great

Perhaps it’s time to talk about some kids other than mine. So, a week late… let’s talk about the school play, “A Night at the Wax Museum”. It was worth writing about, although the words will never do it justice. It was a cute play, created by my colleague Mr. A and his actors, about two kids who get accidentally […]

One Year Old

Dear Everett, Today you are one year old! At this time last year, we were still waiting for you to arrive, because you weren’t born until 9:23 p.m…. but you were worth the wait – and you were worth all the hard work I had to do. We fell in love with you the moment we saw you, and somehow, […]

My Least Favourite Parenting Question

Okay, folks. Don’t take this as an accusation if you’ve ever asked this question of a parent – I may have asked it myself before becoming one… but please, don’t ask me if my baby is sleeping through the night. I know why people ask: they want to inquire about how things are going, out of politeness and concern for […]


Take a look at the new project! http://mothergather.com I’m very excited about this, even though there aren’t any stories on it yet. There will be, très bientôt, I promise. I already have five in hand (if you count my own) and many more on the way. The moms who responded were so enthusiastic, it was all the more inspiring for […]

Staying Hydrated

Here’s number 2! I’m getting the hang of this. Sean discovered this technique out of the blue one time and E still enjoys it occasionally. It’s always good to have fun options for drinking. By the way, that’s Raffi I’m singing to at the end there, I haven’t just lost my marbles. Related Posts:My Least Favourite Parenting QuestionKudos to you, […]

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