5-Day Artist Challenge, Day 2: Drama

Today on 5-Day Artist Challenge, I bring you DRAMA. If art is bread for the soul, I’m gonna say that drama is… French toast. You take some words/bread that someone else made a while ago, and make it your own. You give it new life with your own egg/milk mixture of interpretation. It might, in the end, Read More

A Message to the Daddies on Mother’s Day, or “How (Not) to Incur Mama’s Wrath”

This post is dedicated to all the fathers and fathers-to-be out there, with love – especially if this is your first Mother’s Day. I hope some of these words can be useful to you, or to someone you know. (If you are an equal-time, full-time, or single dad, then you can stop reading now… Welcome to Read More

Expect Miracles

This is a picture of the bracelet I have been wearing every day in 2012, in the hopes that its auspicious message would sink in, beyond my skin, to my soul. This January, when I found out that I was indeed pregnant with our third child, I experienced a split-second of pure, undiluted joy. The Read More

Snapshots from Homecoming Weekend, a.k.a. “Glad to be Old”

It’s Homecoming weekend. No wonder there were so many students all garbed-out at the same time: boys with warpaint on their faces, girls with gaudy t-shirts offsetting their way-too-short shorts. There’s a big house party on a busy street. The music can be heard blocks away. A gaggle of students crowds the front porch, surrounded Read More

Kids Are Great

Perhaps it’s time to talk about some kids other than mine. So, a week late… let’s talk about the school play, “A Night at the Wax Museum”. It was worth writing about, although the words will never do it justice. It was a cute play, created by my colleague Mr. A and his actors, about Read More

One Year Old

Dear E, Today you are one year old! At this time last year, we were still waiting for you to arrive, because you weren’t born until 9:23 p.m…. but you were worth the wait – and you were worth all the hard work I had to do. We fell in love with you the moment Read More

My Least Favourite Parenting Question

Okay, folks. Don’t take this as an accusation if you’ve ever asked this question of a parent – I may have asked it myself before becoming one… but please, don’t ask me if my baby is sleeping through the night. I know why people ask: they want to inquire about how things are going, out Read More


Take a look at the new project! http://mothergather.com I’m very excited about this, even though there aren’t any stories on it yet. There will be, très bientôt, I promise. I already have five in hand (if you count my own) and many more on the way. The moms who responded were so enthusiastic, it was Read More