Pearls of Grade 3 Wisdom

I teach a group of Grade 3 French Immersion students English for 40 minutes a week. They are mostly a very sweet and funny group. We’ve been working on poetry, including a poem with a template called “I Am.” The first two words of each line are given, and then they fill in the rest. The results are sometimes predictable, […]

Trans Day of Remembrance – November 20th

Today is November 20th. It is International Children’s Day, which is well-known. Less well known is the fact that it is also Trans Day of Remembrance. Last Thursday, I went to a Professional Development workshop on Safer and Inclusive Schools, regarding the LGBTQ community in our education system. It was a fascinating day, led by an incredibly well-spoken guy from the […]

Dear Ontario Teachers

Dear colleagues, I know I haven’t written about what you’re going through in a long time, not since the post that unexpectedly deflowered my blog three months ago. I want you to know that it’s not because I’m ignoring what’s going on; I think about it every day. (Well – and I did have that baby, too, so my daily […]

How Far to Bend the Gender

As a girl born between two sisters, I was, in childhood, emphatically girly. I loved unicorns, ballet, pink things, dolls, My Little Ponies. The tendencies of our elder brother didn’t hold much sway with us back then – he was outnumbered – and he seemed happy enough to make his Lego projects and wooden models on his own. I know […]

BANG Book Review: The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling

I admit, I’ve been remiss. I haven’t been keeping you all up-to-date with the GGG book club’s choices for… um… approximately a year. Whoops. I know you have all been tearing out your hair and wailing (internally): But Dilovely, the books! Forget the rest of this drivel… the BOOKS! I promise I will rectify the situation. We have been reading […]

National Holidays and Life’s Trajectory

Happy Canada Day, Canadians! And happy strawberry season, to everyone who can get ’em locally. (The smell of the warm strawberry field yesterday evening, when we went picking, was delectable. You can’t beat strawberries that were picked minutes ago, just a few blocks away.) While I’m at it, happy early Independence Day, Americans! I don’t celebrate Independence Day, but I […]

Snapshots from Homecoming Weekend, a.k.a. “Glad to be Old”

It’s Homecoming weekend. No wonder there were so many students all garbed-out at the same time: boys with warpaint on their faces, girls with gaudy t-shirts offsetting their way-too-short shorts. There’s a big house party on a busy street. The music can be heard blocks away. A gaggle of students crowds the front porch, surrounded by discarded beer cups (red, […]

BANG Book Review: The Help, by Kathryn Stockett

Here’s a book that makes me feel lucky. It puts into perspective the easiness of my life. I live in Canada, in a time when cultural diversity is considered a virtue. I’m white and middle-class and educated. I’m female, but I have a union-protected job in a female-dominated field… and now that I think about it, even my hobbies are […]

Bedtime Stalling Techniques

Folks, I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I’ve been feeling overpowered by life: among other things, reading The Hunger Games and finding that it consumed my brain to the extent that I was afraid to start the next book for fear of falling off the planet, AND now, report cards. I’m rather behind on those at this moment. Anyway. […]

School Snippets #2

OOOPS. Just found out that one of my Grade 2 students, whom I thought was a girl, is actually a boy. And I’m wondering why I’m such a dummy, why I was so sure he was a girl. I mean, on the first day, I actually thought to myself, Wow, what a strange name for a girl! (It’s the same […]

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