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About the Author:

1. Taurus (born feet-first, unwillingly).

2. Claustrophobic who loves heights.

3. Confirmed girly-girl except she can throw decently and likes spiders, reptiles, and rodents.

4. Vegetarian foodie.

5. Music-lover, book-lover, movie-lover… awesome lover. (Winkety-wink.)

6. Bellydancer.

7. Quaker, born to Vietnam draft-dodger parents.

8. Political enough to rant occasionally.

9. French teacher extraordinaire.

10. Erstwhile traveller who barely strays beyond county lines these days.

11. Grammar geek + language junkie.

12. Collector of birth stories.

13. Happily married (until James McAvoy comes to town).

14. Even more Canadian than Robin Scherbatsky.

14. Crunchy tree-hugger (because “saving the planet” is a load of crap; the environmental movement should really be called “saving humankind’s ass”, so that people understand that caring about it should not be a choice, dammit. Sorry, compulsive mini-Di-atribe).

15. Attachment parent (breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping, semi-ECing), with a strong overtone of Teacher (strong belief in boundaries, consistency, and manners).

16. Mother of the cutest, most awesome little boy on the planet (who is actually a wizard, btw)… and the sweetest angel baby boy not on this planet… and a feisty and fashionable daughter. Love them all to the moon and back.



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  1. Helen says:

    I forget to read your blog for months at a time, then I lose myself in postings, following links, learning in retrospect about your life, so I decided I better subscribe, so I can keep up.

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