Worrying about my unvaccinated friends

Since mass vaccinations against Covid-19 began this past spring, I’ve become aware of a small number of friends and family who remain unvaccinated by choice. Some I suspected would be, and some I was surprised about. At this point, I’m aware that the number of such folks might be considerably higher than I’d realized. Covid Read More

CN Tower EdgeWalk: Facing your fears, or enjoying adrenaline?

We did it! On August 10th, we did the thing we’ve been planning for over a year (since we couldn’t swing the money for our anniversary last year): the EdgeWalk at the CN Tower in Toronto. Yes, it’s pricey. It comes to almost $200 per person with tax. It’s also a pretty cool experience. I Read More

Are police officers supposed to be scary?

If you’re Ontarian, or even Canadian, you’ve probably heard about Sammy Yatim, the 18-year-old who was shot dead by police a couple weeks ago on an empty Toronto streetcar. You’ve probably heard that he was armed with a knife, that he was acting threatening, and that he was shot at nine times. (Eight of the Read More

November: aftermath

The first day of November. What does it mean? My house is filled with candy wrappers. Empty ones. Mostly in garbage cans, but there’s the odd escapee as well, decorating the carpet. It’s not a source of pride: this week there are four adults in the house + Sean went a little crazy with the Read More

Talking about death with a preschooler

I know that birth and death are basically the two most universal things on the planet. Well – and sex, I guess, in its various forms. That doesn’t make it easier to talk about them with a three-year-old. E has been asking a lot about death recently, for many reasons. Last summer, he had his Read More

Calm is a fragile state.

1. Happy Birthday to my gorgeous younger sister! She is presently embarking upon a new chapter in her life, in a new city, and we are really excited for her. (Even though I’m bummed that she won’t be an 8-minute drive away.) We love you so much, Auntie Beth! You are one amazing gal. 2. Read More


I was going to try to come up with a cooler title for this post than “Mini-Update”, and then I figured that a short little title was actually appropriate(r) for a mini-update, duh. (Now I’ve just gone and ruined it by using a whole long sentence to explain myself. Oh well.) The weekend before last Read More

Dear Rainbow Baby

Dear Rainbow Baby, You have been living inside me for almost 34 weeks, and I’m so thrilled you’re there. Your Daddy and brother and I love you very much, and you have already made us very happy, just by doing your thing: kicking and moving around, and growing. In a few more days, you will Read More

right where i am 2012: one year

I first read the writing of Angie, of still life with circles, last summer, during my first tentative steps into the baby loss blogosphere. I was very moved by this post I read of hers at Glow in the Woods, a blog for babylost parents of which she happens to be the editor. Last year Read More

An Open Letter to the Gunman

Dear Mr. Shooter: So. It appears, from the status of the person you succeeded in killing, that your decision, i.e. to open fire in the crowd at the food court in the Toronto Eaton Centre yesterday, was gang-related. We, the public, still don’t know who you are or where you’re from. We don’t know what Read More