One Year Old

Dear Everett,

Today you are one year old! At this time last year, we were still waiting for you to arrive, because you weren’t born until 9:23 p.m…. but you were worth the wait – and you were worth all the hard work I had to do. We fell in love with you the moment we saw you, and somehow, that love only gets bigger and bigger every day.

Now, you are such a big boy and we are incredibly proud of you! You are so much fun, learning new things each moment, growing so fast. The photos below really show how much you’ve changed. This week, you are working on being silly and joking a lot: you waggle your head so that we will waggle back; you make a very saucy face at us, on purpose, that never fails to make us smile; you have this funny fake laugh that’s hilarious. You still love the blue glass ball that makes you grin so big, and now you have your own little one as a birthday present from Auntie Beth. You also love lifting flaps and turning pages in your books; you adore it when we use the salad spinner; you enjoy playing the piano (especially the pushing the red “Record” button – you’ve made countless recordings already); and you are an expert at pressing buttons on the stereo, especially opening and carefully closing the tape deck.

You are working on lots of words, as well. The ones we recognize and that you use in context (even though some of them are only sort-of pronounced) are Hi, Bye-bye, ball, book, buckle, bellybutton, apple, more, Mama, Dada, yay, cracker, and occasionally kitty and cookie. And yesterday you learned the sign for Please and used it several times. You are so smart.

It’s hard to believe how fast your first year has gone for us. It was full of the most precious moments of our lives. We feel so, so lucky that you arrived safely, and that you have been so healthy and happy all year. You are the sweetest baby boy we could ever have imagined. We love you more than we will ever be able to say.

E in June 09
Last June, one week old
E in July 09
With Daddy in July '09
E in August 09
Having a bath in August '09
E in September 09
With Winnie the Pooh (a bequeathed gift from one of my Grade 1 students) in September '09
E in October 09
At your baby shower at Hamilton Meeting in October '09
E in November 09
In November '09 - you really did smile a lot, but it was hard to catch them sometimes
E in December 09
Looking festive in December '09
E in January 10
After your bath in January '10
E in February 10
So kissable in February '10
E in March 10
In your booster chair in March '10
E in April 10
In your stroller and frog hat in April '10
E in May 10
With daddy, in your giraffe towel, in May '10
E in June 10
On your scooter-car in June '10 - so grown up!

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  1. Yay! Ba! Hi! Bye! Ma! Dar! Spsh! Happy Birthday, Everett! I’m so excited to have been part of your life over the past year. You have some crazy powerful influence. Thanks for playing along with me when I do silly things and letting me join in on yours. You are the best date ever.

    Aunti Em

    p.s. Di, you forgot “cute!” 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Everett!!! I wish I could have enjoyed more time with you in your first year…we’ll have to spend more time together soon! I hope your second year is as great as the first, and tell your parents they’re awesome and I love them!

  3. Happy Birthday Everett! With such a great mommy and daddy, you couldn’t help but to turn out so wonderfully! What a great year for all of you — hope the second one is even better!

  4. Now you really ARE a year old, as it’s past 9:23 p.m. I certainly remember that day a year ago, and how alert and calm and wise and YOURSELF you were from the very beginning. No faking then! Just genuine authentic baby boy Everett!

    I wish you many many more happy years, full of love and life and learning.


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