How to Turn a Bad Day Around

Did you wake up tired? Was it a bit too warm so your eyes were puffy and didn’t want to open? Did lack of sleep (or some other factor) make you feel like you couldn’t pour cereal, let alone care for a baby, clean house, look presentable, write a blog post, face work on Monday, or generally function?


Here’s what to do:

  1. Have a decent breakfast (or whatever meal you want to call it). Something with nutrition in it, and not too much sugar.
  2. Allow yourself a certain amount of bitchiness. You’ve probably earned it… just try to let most of it out on inanimate objects.
  3. Wear a nice colour. Especially if it doesn’t suit your mood.
  4. Hold a baby. Doesn’t matter whose. If there’s more than one available, try them all.
  5. If possible, attend a wedding shower – especially one with lots of lovely folks and a clothesline-full of gorgeous panties for the bride-to-be – who cries as soon as she enters the room.
  6. Talk to an old friend whose voice you haven’t heard in far too long.
  7. Find a baby and a wash tub. Put the naked baby in the wash tub with water in it, on the grass, and observe.
  8. Have a glass of wine with someone you love, preferably outdoors. Preferably at a gigantic picnic table.
  9. Look at Nature doing its thing, like maybe a sunset. Ideally, find an Evening Primrose at dusk and watch it pop open before your eyes… you cannot fail to be moved. Crazy Nature.

Evening Primrose

3 thoughts on “How to Turn a Bad Day Around

  1. Darci says:

    Ooooo.. love this! I just might borrow it for my Home with Mom blog.. with credit and a link to you of course and with your permission!
    Love ya.. need to chat on the phone soon.. well.. soonish.. lol..xox

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