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A friend of mine recently told me I would need some more movie reviews for folks like her on my blog, since she is a hardened movie addict. I meant to write a review of Toy Story 3 a few weeks ago, when I actually saw it, but then I ran out of time before Camp.

But since there’s a request… and it’s still in theatres…

I saw the first two Toy Story movies back when they were new, or at least newer. I loved the concept – not just because you get to see retro toys, like ones I actually owned as a kid, brought to life, but also because I was always a believer in the secret lives of my toys. It made perfect sense to me that they would have feelings, want to be played with, and have adventures on the sly. The movies were very entertaining and satisfying.

Toy Story 3 is no exception. (I was thrilled to see that old Fisher-Price phone with the bobbly eyes, looking beat-up and well-played-with just like ours did.) It’s a movie with great jokes for kids and adults, in typical Pixar style. (The Buzz Lightyear dance sequence cracked me up – so well done!) The uses they put those toys to are creative and awesome and just… bang-on, to the point that Sean and I were shaking our heads in amazement.

The 3D part was cool, although I think it would have been just as good without it.

But what really blew me away was the genuine emotion in Toy Story 3.

I know I mentioned in my List o’ Pick-Me-Ups that I cry a lot more now that I’m a mom. I was NOT a frequent crier as an older child or a teenager. I got only slightly more so in university. Then I cried through most of my wedding, but figured that was my prerogative. I had tearier tendencies after getting together with Sean (not that he’s so tragic; I think it just has to do with emotional investment in your life) – but I tell you, having a baby ratcheted me up at least a dozen points on the Likeliness-to-Cry scale. I cried for basically the whole first two weeks of E’s life, just being too full of all kinds of emotion to keep it all in. (Oh, and hormones.)

Anyway, Toy Story 3 (and I’m not really giving anything away here) focuses on the same child as the first two movies do, except he’s grown up and going to college. Oh boy. Sean leaned over at one point when Andy’s mom is getting a bit emotional that her son’s all grown up, and whispered, “You ready for that, honey?” NO!! And I may never be. But I do hope I raise a kind and lovely boy in this confusing world – I consider this the challenge of a lifetime, and extend awed kudos to my own parents and aunts and uncles and dear friends who have done so. The point is, I got a little teary at the juxtaposition of childhood and adulthood and all that jazz. Pixar made me do it – on purpose!

And there was that one scene where the toys are in a serious predicament together – if you’ve seen it, you know the one – and that part didn’t just choke me up, there were actual tears running down my cheeks. Kinda embarrassing when you’re watching a kids’ animated movie in the theatre, but what could I do? I’m a big mushball. And it was great. I love being moved by a movie. 🙂

Conclusion: I put up all the thumbs available to me for this feature. Go see it!


3 thoughts on “BANG Movie Review – Toy Story 3D

  1. Aunty CL says:

    i presume you’ve seen Monsters, Inc, too – also delightful animation, fun ideas, and a pretty good message. but the finest moment is when the girl re-enters her own room and does a little stampy-foot dance – so like a real little kid!

  2. Skye says:

    Thanks! I can’t believe you did this review so quickly! I agree that this was a great movie. I also agree that it would be just as good in 2D – which means it will be a welcome addition to any home movie collection. Keep up the great work!

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