Toddler Tracks: The Randomness

It is strange sometimes, living with a toddler. Small munchkin minds don’t work like adult minds. They are not bound by habit or traditional trains of thought. I still don’t get why E does many of the things he does, but I’m content to watch.

Here are some examples of the randomness:

  • E recently went through a phase where he loved to squeeze our noses and say “Honk,” but then he would also add, each time, “Oh-sorry.” Sorry is a concept that we’re pretty sure he doesn’t understand at all – but no matter when he says it, it’s cute.
  • He has figured out how to spray himself in the face with a spray bottle (we have one on his change table) and he loves this. He really, really wants to spray himself in the face.
  • He likes the sound of the word “crazy” – I’m guessing because we usually say it with expression. Again, I know he doesn’t quite get it, but he likes to use it in random situations. Last week he threw his crocheted doll (or should I say “baby”) on the floor, flopped down on top of it, belly-first, and said, “Crazy!” Come to think of it, it was a bit.
  • He has a purple plastic octopus bath toy, and he’s been referring to it for months now as Helen. It’s the only toy he has named.
  • Yesterday, he was full of randomness. He pulled one of the cat beds out into the hall, then found his DVD (we gave him one to have, because he’s obsessed with them) and threw it on there, and then sat down on both. When his Auntie Em arrived, he was zooming around astride the snake shoe horn, with a pot lid in the other hand. When he was supposed to be falling asleep that night, he instead talked to himself for about 20 minutes. I just listened, trying to follow the stream of consciousness. He seemed to go in fairly logical themes: talk about some numbers, then colours, then animals, food, clothes, vehicles… There was some talk about the book we’d just read (“Beach… sand castle… What doing?”) and at one point I was happy to hear him say, “Bed… like it… bed. Cozy.” Just fascinating.
  • Not so random are his efforts to improve his pronunciation. He is making an effort to go from “dory” to “story”, and from “acots” to “apricots”, etc. I’ll be a little sad when he gives up some of his best mispronunciations, like “crumpet” for trumpet, “hep-catters” for helicopters, and “leggy buds” for ladybugs. Sigh.

Okay, here are some photos. Hope you enjoy!

smiley E
Happy boy.
E December 2009
Happy, silly boy.
E at Chapters Thomas table, Jan 2010
At the Thomas train table at Daddy's work.
E in rocking chair by fire, December 2009
Cozy by the fire at Grammy and Papa's at Christmas.
E by the fire, December 2009
Cozy by the other fire, too, in that wee rocker.
E at grandparents' house, new Buzz Lightyear car
On his new Buzz Lightyear car at Grandma and Grandpa's.
E on a sled at Cedar Haven, Boxing Day 2009
Sled ride!


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  1. What an amazing little guy…every time I read about him, I just want to cry. I so wish I knew him, the real him, and I so wish his cousins knew him too. I think we would love him so. I already do! I hope one day I will meet you, little E. Till then, get your Mama to cover you with kisses from Aunty Chris. <3

  2. @ Yerpa – Yeah, me too!
    @ Chris – ME TOO!! I miss your kids even though I know they’re such different people now. I really hope the cousins do get to play together someday. Love and hugs and kisses to all of you too.

  3. I, myself, am randomly splooshing all over the place, as well. THANKS for writing about little E. He is a hooooot!!!

  4. Awwww I LOVE those pics! 🙂

    Don’t forget “bacleaner” becoming “blackener” (for vacuum cleaner).

    And how the other day he had a pea husk on his finger and called it Helen (even though it had no tentacles).

    And WHAT is with the helicopter in the back yard?? Every time he goes in the blue room with me now he looks out and points and says hepcapter. I think it’s got something to do with the snow. It’s very clear to him and very unclear to me, but he won’t explain.

  5. Randomness – oh, yes, I remember it well. The first striking example we had was Ben saying “Din doy” from time to time – very clearly and with expression and relative to nothing whatever that we could ever figure out. You all had your randomness, though, in different ways. Very splooshy stuff.

    How’s “cumbumber” coming along? I hope he leaves it alone for a while!

  6. Everett = tooooo much!!! xoxoxoxoxo
    I like the sled picture a lot; I think he looks like his mama there.
    I am due for an E-visit! (And by that I do not imply that it will be electronic in any way.) (Although he does like to press buttons, so maybe we could do some of that together.)
    Smoochy smoochy SMOOCH!

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