Son of a Horn

Today E pointed at our shoe horn and said, “Mama.”

Auntie Em and I chuckled and said, “Is that your mama?” and handed it to him. He smiled affectionately at the shoe horn and gave it a kiss on its pointy plastic mouth, then carried it with him into the living room.

This is it: you can see how he mistook it for his mother figure.

red snaky shoe horn, aka "Mama"

I’m not sure what to make of this. Any insights?


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  1. He was having a pretty intense conversation with it at one point, but the vocabulary was beyond me. Obviously the shoe horn is feeding him some kind of line…better watch out.

  2. It’s obviously a feminine shoe horn just because of the traditional pink color accompanied by the rick-rack trim. He assumes, therefore, that it belongs to Mama. Maybe he’s even seen you using it. It’s hard to picture Sean using it. So what E’s saying really is “Mama’s.” It’s something portable that belongs to his Mama and he loves ANYthing associated with MAMA! Also, it has eyes so that makes it almost human–thus, the anthropomorphic assignation…uh huh.

  3. I’m thinking he’s been reading Tom Robbins again. You know, the painted stick has a personality – – I believe it looked a little like that! At least a bit like something you could have a conversation with!

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