From the Pages of Mini-Di

From the Pages of Mini-Di: First Work of Fiction

  And here she is, folks. My first protagonist, created and lovingly illustrated when I was six – twenty-seven years ago. (The rough draft is dated Nov. ’84.)  Big thanks to my dad, for saving these pages for all this time, and then scanning them for me with such care. I give you… Rainy Day Cindy. This is the front […]

From the Pages of Mini-Di: Homeschooling Haiku

Okay, since I’m perusing, here is another taste of the writings of a smaller, less abashed, more exuberant Dilovely. Apparently in the Homeschooling days of early spring of 1986 (I was 7), I was taught about Haiku, poems of three lines with syllables numbering 5, 7, and 5. In a tiny spiral-bound notebook (white cover with diagonal turquoise lines on […]

From the Pages of Mini-Di: “Minimal Attributes for Guys”

As I think I’ve mentioned, I used to be a prolific diary-writer. I had journals in all sizes, mostly supplied by my dad, and wrote oodles about everything, from the very shallow to the almost-philosophical. Sometimes I look through these volumes (29 and counting, plus supplementary quasi-journals) and am amazed/embarrassed/taken aback/reduced to tears of laughter by the things I wrote. […]

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