My Canadian Citizenship – Gratitude Day 3

Tonight, whatever the outcome (/fallout) of the US election, I’m grateful to be Canadian.

My parents were both born and raised in the United States, and moved here shortly after they married.  Although the decision never felt like a choice to them, I know it wasn’t easy. (There’s a big ol’ blog post brewing about that story.)

I am grateful that they made this decision. I love my American relatives, and my many American friends (as well as Canadian loved ones living in the US). I have loved visiting them in their home states and exploring parts of a country that might have been my homeland under different circumstances. But I’ve never wanted to move south.

Over the past four years, my heart has clenched every time I think of my loved ones in the US. Those who did not vote for Trump, but had to watch him dismantle, disrespect, and degrade their nation at every opportunity. It will be a long road back to re-civilization.

I know I was just writing yesterday about certain problems we have in Canada, and I don’t claim that it’s a perfect country. We have lots of work to do here too. But I am grateful every day that this is my home. I was especially grateful while I was having babies and maternity leaves… I am incredibly grateful every time we need to visit the doctor or the ER or have surgery. Tonight, I am particularly grateful for the checks and balances that exist in our Canadian governmental and judicial systems.

And that’s all I can make myself say about the events of this evening. Big hugs to you, beloved Americans. And a thousand thanks, Mama and Papa.


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