#NaBloPoMo, Day 18: Funk & Flowers

I haven’t been sleeping well, so today was one of those tired, foggy, grumpy days where it’s an effort to muster the teaching energy. Still, so many things to be thankful for.

Today I’m grateful for:

  • Having both my sisters, if just for a few minutes, together with me for coffee this morning.
  • Noticing that E really does seem to be calming down in many ways – his reactions to things, and his overall stress level – when I compare this year to last year.
  • AB being happy to go to her babysitter – what a relief after the drama in September.
  • The students that made me laugh out loud today – even on tired days, there’s always at least one or two who are good for a real chuckle.
  • Our super-nice new vet, who’s helping us figure out why our cat Nico wants to do his business in random places instead of the cat box… (I’m pretty damn sick of cleaning cat scat these days.) I was most impressed when the doc cleaned Nico’s turds off the floor himself without batting an eye, complimenting Nico on their “high quality.” LOL.
  • Having a set of brand-new, non-sport bras that actually fit me, for the first time in seven years. (I know that seems random, but ladies – you know it can make a difference to your day when the girls are properly supported.)
  • Dinner with my l’l family. (I’m grateful for this every single time it happens.)
  • A mostly-smooth bedtime. (Ditto.)
  • This. (Thanks, Mary.) Sorry, I couldn’t access the subtitled version… But all you really need is “les fleurs… C’est pour combattre les pistolets,” and that little boy’s smile at the end. 
  • And while we’re feeling warm and fuzzy, this. (Thanks, Ben!) I’m so glad there are people in the world who apparently have time to painstakingly choose clips that synch so beautifully with the funk.



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2 thoughts on “#NaBloPoMo, Day 18: Funk & Flowers

  1. Mama says:

    OMG!! I’m grateful for that mash-up, too! What a treat! Would you believe: zillions of people used to flock to the movies TO SEE THAT KIND OF STUFF!! Not violence, not nudity, not chase scenes, not sex, not horror, not underhandedness — but DANCE!

  2. CL says:

    “Noticing that E really does seem to be calming down in many ways – his reactions to things, and his overall stress level – when I compare this year to last year.” – really good news! Must be nicer for him to be less stressed!

    I love the clip of the father and son in Paris – watched it with subtitles on FB – what a good dad.

    and the mashup! i tried to watch it gestern when I saw it on FB but could not — it was worth waiting for! The talent and precision that went into the choosing and editing equals the original talent of choreography, dance, and production! plus, what Bev said!

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