One Decade of Marriage

Dear Sean,

It’s hard to believe that it has been ten whole years since the day we pledged ourselves to each other as husband and wife. A decade sounds long, but feels short these days.

On the other hand, ten years is short, in a way, since our story began long before that.



It has been almost twenty-four years since we shared a Grade 9 Enhanced Math class, in which you were gregarious and funny and cocky, and I was quiet and cerebral and nerdy, and you volunteered to run our Christmas gift drive, and I noticed when you were writing on the blackboard that you had a cute butt.

It has been twenty-two years, give or take, since we spent enough time in our mutual group of friends for me to know that, in addition to your class-clown side, you also had a quiet, cerebral, nerdy side, and a philosophical, argumentative side. It was a mysterious and interesting combination.

It has been nineteen years since the high-school graduation breakfast where you made everyone at our very long restaurant table laugh so hard we practically choked on our pancakes.

It has been close to fifteen years since we both prepared to leave our hometown on long-term journeys, and you suggested unexpectedly that we should write letters to each other – letters that would become highlights of my challenging, exciting, homesick, turbulent, emotional, unforgettable European odyssey.

It has been thirteen-and-a-half years since the Christmas when you thought you’d lost your chance, and wrote me a story to win me over – not realizing I was already yours.

It has been twelve years since we euphorically painted the walls of our first shared apartment in our new city, so broke we could only afford to rent kids’ movies at the video store a block away.

It has been almost eleven years since the Tuesday night in October when you proposed to me, in our bedroom, with me in pjs and my hair a mess – partly to cheer me up after a bad day, and partly because you simply couldn’t wait for the weekend and the official proposal plan. I was struck speechless by the beautiful ring you had chosen. (To this day, you can’t sit on a secret gift very long.)

On that beautiful wedding day ten years ago, I promised that for the rest of our lives, I would laugh with you, play with you, challenge you and protect you; that I would not hide from you, but would confide in you and be true to both of us; that I would be your comfort, your friend, your lover, and your partner in times of joy and of pain; and that above all, I would love you. And of course, you promised the same to me.

We’ve done, and still do, all of those things. In these ten years, we’ve had the joy and the pain. We’ve both changed workplaces more than once. We bought our first house. We conceived four children, birthed three, and were blessed to keep two.

We have struggled with work and stress, sleep and health, time and money, and finding those often-delicate lines of communication between openness and injury. We have been stretched by the delights and demands of parenting our dazzling, frustrating, wonderful kids.

Despite three very close calls that almost ended our relationship in the first two years, and many experiences to test us since then… I’ve never doubted the strength of our promises. We are a great team, and I feel so lucky to know it.

I love parenting with you, knowing we have each other’s backs, and knowing that if I’m not at my best on a particular day, you will summon your extra patience and balance things out.

I love that we laugh at the same things and enjoy the same forms of entertainment, especially the games we geek out on (Settlers, Yahtzee, Cribbage, Gin, all forms of Trivia…).

I love that we can have a difficult argument but still manage to listen to each other; that we can make our way through thorny topics, and still hug at the end – and mean it.

I love that I’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve rescued me, in both big and small ways, and always without complaint.

I love it when I make you laugh unexpectedly, and you hug me and say, “I knew I married you for a reason!”

And I love the moments when the reasons I married you are so clear, too. When we’re snuggling – still one of my favourite activities in the world – and we get the giggles, and then the kids pile on top, and there’s tickling and limbs in faces, and it’s the best.

When you’re telling me about something you’ve been learning about, and your curiosity and passion remind me of the importance of wonder in life.

When I’m fretting for some reason, and you make the kind of frank-but-insightful comment that cuts through my overthinking, and brings the issue down to its essence.

When our children do something cute or astonishing or both, and we look at each other incredulously: how did we ever make those??

When we suddenly find ourselves in a moment too steamy to blog about.

When you know the answer to that question I’ve been wondering about, or know how to fix that thing that’s not working right.

When you squeeze my hand because you know we’re thinking the same thing.

When I can hear you reading stories to the kids, and you’re so tender and great with them.

When we’re singing together in the kitchen or in the car.

When we make a new plan for our life together, and I am buoyed by your optimism.

In just a few weeks, we will move to the next chapter of our lives, in our new house. I can hardly wait to see what the next decade will bring to the little family we’ve made.

Love you jillions, for always,




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10 thoughts on “One Decade of Marriage

  1. emerge says:

    Ack, great post and greatttt video! That song still makes me cry, even more now with those photos of your family. <3 (A lot of them I took, I think! Yay!) You guys are the cutest and the best. And the cheesiest and funniest in photos. (Also plus too, Sean, I love your Robbie Turner hair, well done.) Nice going with the marriage, you guys. Here's to the ten past and the next ten coming up! (WHAT will they think of next?)

    • dilovelyadmin says:

      I think you’re right, Emi – you did take a lot of those photos (THANK YOU for documenting so much of our lives… seriously, what would we do without your preoccupation with footage??)! Sean does have the best silly faces, all of us around here agree. I think he makes me cuter by association. 😉

    • dilovelyadmin says:

      If you’re speechless, I think Papa has a book called “How To Make A Speech” by Steve Allen. (We were watching our wedding video with supper, so we have had a refresher in speech making!) JK. Thanks for reading and watching, and welcoming and caring and supporting. And grandmothering.

  2. emerge says:

    Okay, I can’t reply directly to your reply, because it just reloads the page when I try. But yeah, you go from him writing you a letter to you guys painting your apartment! What about all the stuff that would be in the last hour of the romantic comedy movie of your relationship? Like how he tried to step aside for another man… awww… okay, I guess you can skip over to the marriage stuff. But it took you LONG enough to even HAVE your first date, i mean REALLY.

    • dilovelyadmin says:

      It was the story he wrote that clinched it… though I guess I could have mentioned the date. Or at least the first kiss. That whole winter courtship was actually strangely gradual at the same time as being pretty sudden.

      “Tried to step aside for another man…” This part of the story gives us a good chuckle nowadays! I think he was half-doing-that, and half-gunning for what actually happened. 🙂

  3. Quinn says:

    So beautiful! You’re such a wonderful writer. And you’re both such wonderful spouses to each other and parents to your children. Thanks for sharing. Happy anniversary and here’s to many more decades!

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