100 Happy Days – Day 33: Pink Snowsuit

This morning after taking E to the bus with me, AB thought she’d visit our neighbour’s driveway. She even ventured all the way to his front steps. I asked if she was going to come inside with me or go live with Steve.

She said nonchalantly, “Yep. I’m gonna go live with Steve.”

After a few minutes, she changed her mind, claiming “Steve is a monster.” (Monsters are on her mind a lot right now, though seemingly not in a very scary way.) I assured her that Steve is actually a nice guy, but she opted to have breakfast with me anyway.


I love her in this poofy powder-pink snowsuit. She also has a brown coat with leopard-spotted lining, which I have to admit is edgier… but gosh. I like the pink in spite of myself.



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3 thoughts on “100 Happy Days – Day 33: Pink Snowsuit

  1. emerge says:


    Steve IS a nice guy. He probably wouldn’t mind having a new tiny roommate.

    You all have more snow! We don’t. No snowsuits here.


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