100 Happy Days – Day 27: Gettin’ Stuff Organized

The day before the show!!!

I have been in this many dance pieces (5) – or even more – in other shows, but never with quite so much in the way of complex costumes. It feels great to have everything ready to go.

The sassy exuberant one with the tambourines.
The Bollywood-style dance face-off with long head veils (dupattas).
The post-apocalyptic tribal drum dance.
The cheeky duet about falling in love (and I say “cheeky” partly because we dance to “Cheek to Cheek” by the Good Lovelies).
The enigmatic, meditative finale in honour of the Never Not Broken Goddess.



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2 thoughts on “100 Happy Days – Day 27: Gettin’ Stuff Organized

  1. Mama says:

    Wish I could have gone, too! It’s reminding me of my favourite one up to now, whose name I don’t remember, but I remember a LOT of the amazingly intriguing pieces. One was all white… that last costume made me think of that one…

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