Toddler Tracks: Baby AB and the Amazing Technicolour Accessories (Fashion Blog #18)

It’s weird think back to AB’s infancy, when she WOULD NOT STAND FOR HATS. Any hat we wrangled onto her would be off in seconds.

Now, it’s the opposite. Anything that could possibly be construed as a hat will be worn; if it doesn’t work as a hat, it goes around the neck. And then there’s the obsession with boots.

Mommy’s Buff is a hat AND a scarf. Bonus.
She’s delighted to accessorize! But ummm… yeah, that’s my underwear around her neck. Underwear is a favourite, actually. She’s been known to raid the laundry basket before you can even start folding. Mismatched mittens just complete the look.
And that’s E’s underwear (Monsters, Inc.). Worn beret-style, with attitude.
Easter bunny ears, worn upside-down, make a political statement (I’m sure).
Two little feet, one big boot.
E’s pajama shorts. They make a nice scarf-hat. (See?? RAIDING THE LAUNDRY.)
Wearing Daddy’s Jayne hat (from Ma Cobb’s Hat Shoppe). Pretty shiny, no?
Headband = neckwarmer. Adult Blundstones = comfy toddler fashion option. Even if you can’t lift your feet in them.
Stylistic conventions be damned. It’s a forehead flap (and string). Perfect for doing housework.
Purloined E’s Diego hat.
E’s sweater-vest + BabyLegs. (Also: no pants of any sort.)
She learned how to take off her own shirt a month or two ago. We were impressed.
Pilfered Baby G’s hat, since it went so nice with her bib. (And nothing else.)
The smallest sunglasses we could find still fall off her face… but she loves them anyway.



3 thoughts on “Toddler Tracks: Baby AB and the Amazing Technicolour Accessories (Fashion Blog #18)

  1. Auntie CL says:

    What fun! I DO NOT SEE ENOUGH OF THIS CHERUB! Nor of her brother or parents. Thank goodness for pictures! Thank YOU for pictures!

  2. B-bop says:

    Oh, man! She’s my style guru. I applaud her individuality! And I’m glad she’s learned to love hats (and hat-objects). She’ll be my niece for reals. My favourite is the vest/babylegs ensemble. Wintry, yet so fash. And that candy-printed sleeper is adorable! If it weren’t somehow vaguely creepy, I’d want one in my size. I love your tiny little lady!! I can harley wait to see how she turns out – will she accessorize forever?, one day eschew it and go from gay to plain?, turn tomboy?, amp it up even more? One thing is sure: in this land every girl grows to be her own woman!

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