Baby AB’s Fashion Blog – Issue #17: Cozy

It’s getting cold these days, and it smells like winter out there. Here are some warm and snuggly fashions… from the last time it was cold (so, like, half a lifetime ago for the model in question).

baby in snowsuit
Li’l bear snowsuit – on loan from our friends since E was a baby.
E baby snowsuit
See? That’s (not-so-big) big brother, same snowsuit. (Sometimes even I can’t believe how much they look alike.)

homemade baby sweater
Auntie Em knitted this gorgeous sweater for Baby AB; Baby’s clearly thrilled to wear it.
I want one in my size.
Even better avec chapeau.
We call this one “Baby-Wan Kenobi.” Jedis know: rainbow socks are good luck.
Don’t worry about tangles. She’s got the force.
And she’s using it on you RIGHT NOW.



3 thoughts on “Baby AB’s Fashion Blog – Issue #17: Cozy

  1. berty says:

    OOOOH my goodness! Those are terrific.
    Is that the same snowsuit AB was so tinily swimming in in the walk-in-the-winter blog post of last winter?? It fits so nicely!
    And I love baby-wan kenobi. You should teach her to say that.

  2. emerge says:

    Oh, I am SO jedi’d. I LOVE baby-wan! And the flashbackness is fun. That pic in the stroller is about the cutest ever. And thanks for the sweater pics! 🙂 Sorry it wasn’t longer-wearing. Hopefully the next one will have more roominess.

    (It’s funny, I didn’t see the caption on the second snowsuit pic, and I was thinking, wow, she looks SO much like E there! Duhh, yeah.)


  3. Auntie CL says:

    like my other nieces, i love the baby-wan-kenobi! and like M, i thought the same about the first two pics, also before reading the caption – how do you tell their baby pics apart? What a gorgeous sweater! i too want one in my size! (not a hint, M, just admiration)
    have you got a picture of Baby-wan with bro in mousesuit? i couldn’t get over the mousesuit pics – his cousin-uncle loved to wear that, any time of year!

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