Baby AB’s Fashion Blog – Issue #14: Salmon and Carmine

When we were kids, we had one jillion pencil crayons, courtesy of my dad. Mostly Laurentians and Prismacolors. They were kept in three old sorbet containers, one for warm colours, one for cool colours, and one for neutrals. We spent a lot of time colouring, and knew well the nuances of Deep Yellow versus Lemon Yellow, Dark Brown versus Photo Brown, etc.

One of my favourite colours was Carmine Red. The pencil itself had a rich, waxy consistency on the paper, and was a stunner when you used it wisely.

The pants and trim of this lovely set, which I call “Paislicious”, are Carmine Red. It’s a nice change from straight-up pink. Super-sassy gift from a family friend. (I’ve also always had a soft spot for paisleys. The majority of my dad’s neckties are paisley – though not carmine – and he used to go to work in them looking very elegant indeed.)

IMG_3915 IMG_3918 IMG_3922 IMG_3924

The softer sister of Carmine is Salmon. I don’t recall a coloured pencil named Salmon, but I’m sure I would have overused it if we’d had one. And the delicate details of this knit one-piece are so gorgeous I almost can’t stand it. (See it paired with long sleeves here.)

IMG_3994 IMG_4002

And the shoes, the shoes. (Hand-me-downs, in perfect condition). Ach. SO GREAT.

IMG_3998 IMG_4001



2 thoughts on “Baby AB’s Fashion Blog – Issue #14: Salmon and Carmine

  1. emerge says:

    No comment on the adorableness. There’s just no point.

    But I must say, I believe those shoes are French Green.

    And there was a salmon pink somewhere… not the Laurentians maybe but…

    And are you sure they were only sorbet containers? I really feel that there was a Wet-Wipes container in there somewhere. That was what immediately sprang to mind. It had a distinctive hour-glassish shape.

    Paisley to me is always our curtains. And my bedspread on my little single bed on the particle-board platform, which I loved long and well. That pattern was floralicious and paislified beyond all reason.

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