Preschooleristics: 8 (or 10) “Close But No Banana” Quotables

1. “Look, Mama! There’s another digger at the instruction site.”

1b) “Let’s go see Auntie Beth in her impartment.”

1c) “Why do you have a doctor’s impointment?”

2. “I just typed a lot of prepostrophes.”

3. “When are we going to cook something on the barbecube?”

4. “Can we play Trevor Pursuit?”*

5. While playing Kingdom Rush: “We’re going to need some more guys in our infantreat.”

6. Having just run super-fast down the hill: “That was pretty runny!”

7. Regarding a tangled-up headphone cord: “Look at this big discussion!”

8. After I answered for the second time that the toothpaste the dentist gave us was “gentle mint” flavour: “This should be Daddy’s toothpaste because he’s a gentlemint.”

*Between Daddy, me, and Auntie Em, we have taught him to play something approximating Trivial Pursuit. Sometimes we make up the questions, and sometimes we ask real ones but make them all multiple-choice. Today he found a question card out of its box and asked me this one:

“Mama, what’s the answer to the pink question: Is it John Louise, Christopher Hoo-Fonz, or Bird Flack?” I wish you could have heard the eloquent pauses between “Chris” and “topher”, “Hoo” and “Fonz”.

I did not guess right, but he was gracious about it.



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  1. Was it Bird Flack?? I hope it was Bird Flack!!! 🙂

    Aww, I want to play Trevor Pursuit again. It’s been too long.


  2. 6. Having just run super-fast down the hill: “That was pretty runny!”

    HA! i love it! …unlike the comment from a salesguy in a store where A. lives, when she hesitated over the high price tag on an item she was considering: he said, “yeah, it’s pretty spendy.”
    yuck. she left the store.

    1. Hmmm. I could see that being a sort of sympathetic comment – or pressure. It would depend on the tone. (Obviously he made the wrong impression in this case.)

  3. Reminded me of my boys. Ahhh. So great that you’re not only writing them down but then putting them out there and sharing. Ty as an almost three-year-old talked endlessly about Queen Aquarius at school. Mystified, I asked the teacher. She was mystified too until we went through the names and I heard there was a Kevin Marius. He was just making Kevin’s name more fun. Plus…ear problems. 🙂
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    1. Hahaha! That’s our Ty! Mysterious and creative, with an ability to see the fabulous in other people.

  4. I think it was the pretentious invention of an unnecessary new word where we have so many perfectly functional ones for the same concept (that aren’t cutesy). This guy was, after all, NOT four years old!

    1. Good point.

      Interestingly, this is the first time I’ve made the connection between the word SPEND and the word exPENsive. Huh.

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