Baby AB’s Fashion Blog – Issue #12: She’s Got Good Jeans

Jeans on a baby are undeniably cute. Any time you see a baby in “grown-up” clothes, it just tickles the medial ventral pre-frontal cortex, amiright?

Unfortunately, they’re not very practical – hard to get on the baby, and hard for her to sit properly with them on. Especially because she’s cloth-diapered and therefore has bubble-butt. Jeans are especially not designed for her.

So we’ve tried them a couple times, and always end up leaving them off after the next diaper change – but it’s okay, because that’s enough time to take a photo and immortalize them.

Tiny purple Henley-style shirt that makes me think of après-ski, worn with jeans, naturally.
Adorable velvet-ribbon flowers, with embroidered leaves.
Hello again, ruffles. These jeans actually snap up the legs and crotch, making for easier access… but once they’re done up, they’re still fairly unforgiving. Not as stretchy as jeans made for adult women with bubble-butt (such as Dilovely). What did we DO before stretch denim??
Of course, this shirt looks way cooler paired with jeans. It’s all about LOVE, but slightly punky-style, like a biker baby.
Rocker-rose tattoo – I mean, appliqué.
She’s ultra-cool. You can tell by her loungy booster-seat posture.



6 thoughts on “Baby AB’s Fashion Blog – Issue #12: She’s Got Good Jeans

  1. Auntie CL says:

    OK, too cute, it’s true. i think she has great genes enough without having to wear denim, though!

  2. emerge says:

    ack! I just found these updates under my “promotions” tab. have moved you to “primary” and hope it sticks.

    I want those jeans!!! the ones with the applique flowers. i know they wouldn’t be as cute on me, but i am not wearing diapers these days so, totally!

    i love the rocker-rose-tattoo. also, is that a cut on her forehead in the loungy pic? is she getting into scraps with other baby bikers??

    • dilovelyadmin says:

      LOL! That IS a scratch, good eye. Though the only scraps she gets into are with herself and her freakily fast-growing nails.

  3. Shannon says:

    Ok, so very cute! My favourite thing to put on Hunter is his jeans (hmmm… maybe I’m lying. Maybe my favourite thing is his Hawaiian themed little onesie, especially when Daddy styles him a faux-hawk), but they aren’t real jeans, they are sweatpants that look like jeans! Best. Invention. Ever.

    But I still wouldn’t be caught dead in pyjama jeans.
    Shannon recently posted..Love is Surviving his Noxious Gas (and 6 Other Things I Realized While Watching The Bachelorette)My Profile

    • dilovelyadmin says:

      OMG. If Baby AB had sweatpants that look like jeans, that would be IDEAL. Because my baby got *back* and putting actual jeans on her, even the stretchy ones, is a big ol’ hassle. And they’re kind of constricting once they’re on. See, even in babyhood, the boys get to be more comfortable.

      Is there a photo of this Hawaiian faux-hawk look?? Please say yes.

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