Baby AB’s Fashion Blog – Issue #11: Festivities

Here is a special little fashion post in honour of my big brother. Happy birthday, Ben!

Not counting her parents or her own big brother, you might say Uncle Ben is Baby AB’s biggest fan – and vice versa. Their faces light up when they see each other.

What is particularly awesome is that Ben has been living in Ontario this past year, having lived for a long time in New Brunswick, where we didn’t see him nearly often enough. I love seeing my kids get to know him.

Ben is a guy worth getting to know. He has a great, expansive sense of humour. He’s smart and nerdy in really good ways. He has a sense of fascination and wonder and enthusiasm for all the cool stuff in the world – the same one that regularly got him into trouble he had as a kid. He has the penmanship of an artist (which I tried to emulate, once upon a time). He’d know how to save you if you were drowning. He makes a mouthwatering macaroni-and-cheese from scratch. He gives really, really good hugs and shoulder rubs. And he is full of love.

Ben stayed over quite a bit to help out during Baby AB’s first month of life. Nothing better than a tree-frog newborn on your chest. (Incidentally, she is wearing a onesie that was bought for E, one of my favourites… but she’s so little that it’s barely visible. Sigh… can’t believe she was so small.)
Helping Uncle Ben play cards at Christmastime, in grey-and-lavender leopard print with ruffles.
The Easter ensemble, including purple BabyLegs, embroidered denim dress, and white shrug to tie it all together. All hand-me-downs except the socks and hair bow.
Let’s get a closeup of that dress. WAY TOO CUTE.
And the hair bow, an Easter gift from Auntie T. So sweet.
Plié of happiness!

Hope you’ve had a really happy birthday, Ben. I’m so glad we all get to hang out with you. We love you!



10 thoughts on “Baby AB’s Fashion Blog – Issue #11: Festivities

  1. Helen says:

    Of all the things to notice in a post about your child’s fashion, what really struck me is how much Ben looks like your dad in the card-playing picture. I know it’s a picture of the top of his head, but if that wasn’t labeled, I would have said it was your dad–something about the body position. Happy birthday, Ben, you’re apparently turning into your father! 😉

  2. Auntie T says:

    Awwww! I love that her headband made it into a blog! As little as it is!

    Happy Birthday Ben!! (Belated yet?)

    P.S. I love reading your blogs!!

    • dilovelyadmin says:

      Thanks for reading, Auntie T! And you should know – that is her ONLY hair bow, and the only thing we’ve put on her head so far that she doesn’t immediately take off (she hates hats). 🙂

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