Baby AB’s Fashion Blog – Issue #10: “Fruit Punch Plaid”

Currently in our city, we’re experiencing warm and very humid weather. In truth, Baby AB is wearing mostly the minimum these days. (Which, as it happens, is the most delicious getup of all. I’ll do a feature soon.)

Still, there’s a lot to be said for summer dresses. Lots of room for air.

This is one of my faves. I took these photos in May and shamelessly featured my flowering shrubs, since I bought them (and maybe even helped plant them, I think?) and they make my yard look, you know, garden-y for a little while in the spring, before it becomes evident that I do a terrible job at keeping up with weeds.

Forsythia shrub + no-maintenance hyacinths and tulips! Gotta love perennials. Plus, sweetie armhole ruffles and wee embroidered flowers.
Hey, I think some of those embroidered flowers are tulips. HOW ABOUT THAT.
Flowering quince. Matching bloomers.
Mommy’s hat + nursing pillow pick up the different colours, no?
Yeah. She totally ate the head off that violet a minute later. Chewed it right up (and then spit it out).
May I have a real snack now, please, Mama?



4 thoughts on “Baby AB’s Fashion Blog – Issue #10: “Fruit Punch Plaid”

  1. emerge says:

    aWWWWWW de beuh-beuhhh!

    that top photo is the best. coy smile and sausagey legs PLUS fashion. and spring! that’s all nice. (wow, spring comes and goes, eh? not that i’m complaining it’s summer at ALL.)


    • dilovelyadmin says:

      What a great hat!! The one on my baby is actually crocheted – not by anyone I know – and has wire in the brim so it’s endlessly re-shapeable. I love it.

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