Baby AB’s Fashion Blog – Issue #9: Jet-Setter-Wedding-Guest Edition

Airports visited by Baby AB and entourage between last Thursday and Monday on our trip to a family wedding in New Mexico:

buffalo niagara international airport
Buffalo Niagara International: manageable size, pretty floors in security, pleasant rocking chairs. Flight delayed due to inclement weather.
Washington Dulles (actually located in Virginia): good eatery selection, cool light-up floor section, exhibit of Mars photos, general hugeness. Gate not ready for our delayed flight = missed connection + overnight stay at nearby Westin hotel. (Image from
Los Angeles International: palm trees, nutritious food available for insane price, quirky bedsheet art, approximately 1300 extra km west of our destination.


Albuquerque International Sunport: warm earthy vibe, hippie eateries, artful decor… and FINALLY OUR DESTINATION. Arrived Friday afternoon, departed Monday morning. (Image from Wikimedia Commons.)
Houston/George Bush Intercontinental: good running-around spaces, pecan pralines in the news shop, NASA-themed kiosk, reasonable attempts at colourfulness, remarkably dirty carpet at gates. (Photo from
Chicago O’Hare: general hugeness, amazing rainbow walk-through, checkered floors + skylights in C Concourse, tight connecting flight that we miraculously made in plenty of time. (Photo by messersmith.)

… AND back to Buffalo.

A sampling of fashions worn by Baby AB during our 5-day odyssey:

Something for every occasion.

Adorable flowered onesie. Comfy, yet flattering. Worn for two days straight because of flight delays without checked baggage – no complaints though. Hangin’ with Auntie Em.
Green gingham onesie-dress with darts, bows, embroidered flowers (sister outfit to I Heart Butterflies). Hangin’ with her beautiful great-grandma Wina.
Gussied up for the wedding in an A-line dress with matching bloomers.
Embroidered flowers, fooler camisole… and those frilly cap sleeves just kill me. Please also note monkey toes.
Sleeveless raspberry-striped mini-dress with side pockets and matching bloomers. Very relaxing.

There is so much more to tell about our epic trip. Please stay tuned.



14 thoughts on “Baby AB’s Fashion Blog – Issue #9: Jet-Setter-Wedding-Guest Edition

  1. Helen says:

    Hold on, you had to stay overnight near Dulles Airport and you DIDN’T CALL ME?!?! We would have, at an extreme minimum, come out and had a meal with you, and we probably would have enticed you into staying the night at our house instead of an impersonal hotel! We could have even provided a washing machine for Baby AB’s 2-day fashion….

    • dilovelyadmin says:

      Yes! I know! We (obviously) thought of you guys and wished we’d known ahead of time that we would be there, SO CLOSE. As it was, it was wayyy past the kids’ bedtimes already and we were kind of on survival mode. 🙁 But hey… We really do want to come back to DC and see you. (And the Smithsonian.) We’ll take a rain check, please?

  2. Mama says:

    Hey, Helen! You’re a sweetie! You probably meant just Diana and family – but there were ten of us in the travelling party! On the hop from LAX to ABQ the next day we literally filled 20% of the plane!

  3. Helen says:

    Yes, of course, any time! Both we and the Smithsonian are free, so it’s only the cost of getting down here…

  4. Helen says:

    Well, OK, we wouldn’t have been able to provide an actual legal bed to 10 people spontaneously, but between beds and mattresses and a couch and other soft things, I bet we could have set up quite the little hostel…though I imagine real beds in a hotel are more comfy!

  5. emerge says:

    Helen, we wished we could see you!!! But we had to be back at the airport at 6:30 a.m. for our important criss-cross-country flight extravaganza to begin. (By the time we got our flights sorted it was less than 8 hours till we had to get up, doh…) I mean, flying to California to glimpse the ocean from airplane windows was cool, but how much more we would have loved to hang out with you, if only we could’ve!

    Di, I especially love the raspberry nap photo. So great.

    And I’ve never been quite clear actually what an A-line dress is! Maybe this helps. The floor photo is cute too.

  6. emerge says:

    Also, she looks like Ev in that airport pic with me. Also bored, also like some movie actor I can’t think of.

    But what am I looking at??

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