Four Months Old

Dear Baby A,

On January 30th, it was four months since the day of your birth. I know it’s the worst cliché ever, but I can’t help it: the days have flown by. I cannot believe we are already here.

Life with you and your brother has its exasperating moments. There have been lots of runny noses between the two of you, and some rough nights as a result. I’ve been frustrated many times. I’ve asked myself What is going on with this baby?? on more than a few occasions. When you cry, I feel my nerves fraying rapidly.

But I’m never actually frustrated with you. You are still pure innocence. You do what your circumstances dictate. And honestly, most of the time you are a sweet, happy, laid-back baby.

We love it when you talk. You get on a roll, making all kinds of sounds, both lilting and screechy. I can’t get enough of it. (It’s even cute – though slightly less so – when you decide that the middle of the night is a good babbling time.)

You’re also very physically motivated. At your two-month appointment, you impressed our doctor with your posture on your tummy: he looked at you pushing up and said in surprised tones, “She’s way past forty-five degrees.” (Whatever that means – it’s definitely good.)

When we put you on your back on your mat to play with toys suspended above you, you grab them right away with very deliberate hands, and fully engage with them. You’re great at getting your own hands into your mouth (so good that you regularly gag on them). And once we tried you in the jolly jumper, you got the hang of it almost instantly.

At four months, your brother was also grabbing things and making cute sounds, but you’re even more determined. We’re pretty sure you’ll be crawling and walking earlier than he did.

Speaking of your brother… it’s amazing to see how much joy you get out of each other’s presence.

Also, you’re just delicious. Your cheeks are delectable and your eyes are lustrous and your soft little hands are irresistible. Your chortles are still rare enough that it feels like a gift when they happen. When you grin at us, it’s so captivating that we ask ourselves, What could I possibly have done to deserve this awesomeness? Could I be as wonderful as she thinks?

Basically, when I look at your sweet little face, it makes me so happy that I feel like bursting. In a good way. I love you more than my heart can even hold.

Here’s a silly little video I made to celebrate.



10 thoughts on “Four Months Old

  1. emerge says:

    Yay! Awesome video. She is a big pooky. I love the talky bits. She was sooo talky last night when we were in the kitchen and she was supposed to be going to sleep. That fast-motion bit with Ev running around the jolly jumper is hilarious. 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    Oh my goodness Diana, you are such an amazing mama! Not only do you have this incredible blog where you write such sweet letters to your kids but you make these unbelievably adorable videos of them!!

    I also loved the bit with Everett running around at high speed as it is so similar to what goes on in this household. (although today Elliot was ‘spinning’ Emily in the jolly jumper which was fun for a bit and then too much…ah the challenges of how to convey these things to 2 year olds…)

    • dilovelyadmin says:

      Rachel, thank you for saying that! Sometimes I think I should just be playing with them instead of writing about them (I mean, of course I play with them but not as much as I would if I weren’t blogging), but then I think someday they’ll enjoy seeing what was written about them. In the end, I guess it comes down to necessary “me” time, even when it’s all about them! If that makes any sense.

      So funny to watch the brother-sister interactions! and I can just imagine the spinning at your house, AND the too much. Even at three-and-a-half, E doesn’t take warnings that well.

    • dilovelyadmin says:

      Thank you, Mandi! And overall, I do know what a lucky mama I am, how the good outweighs the bad… I have lots of those moments… they’re just harder to remember after a bad night! 🙂 (You know, of course.)

    • dilovelyadmin says:

      Thanks for watching, Jared! Big brother is three-and-a-half, with attitude, so I know how fast the time goes – and how you can look back and go, “oh, but he was so cute as a baby!” 😉

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