A few pertinent numbers



  • 1 Day until Mosaic, the belly dance fusion show in which I’ll be performing with my belly dance troupe!
  • 3 group numbers I’ll be dancing in with the gorgeous ladies of Invoketress;
  • 9 guest performers/groups gracing us with their presence tomorrow;
  • 3:24 minutes of solo I’ve choreographed to a well-known pop song (hint: I’ll be wearing a skirt that’s short and a jacket that’s long);
  • 4 costumes I assembled today (with more accessories than I bothered to count);
  • 10 pretend candles I will be sticking to my shamadan (candelabra) to wear on my head (fire code prohibits actual candles in the theatre);
  • 14 months we’ve been preparing for the show (if you count back to the beginning of the first piece we learned);
  • 2 family members who will be backstage with me (1 daughter to feed between numbers, 1 Auntie Em to be her caretaker the rest of the time);
  • 7 (at least!) different dance styles fused with bellydance to be performed, including tribal, modern, ballet, jazz, Irish, Tunisian, and burlesque;
  • 65 (approximately) tickets left!

It’s gonna be FUN, people!

8 thoughts on “A few pertinent numbers

  1. Carrie says:

    See you backstage…although I’ll be the one in considerably different costumes, hair and makeup while we perform Signin’ In the Rain on the other stage….Three shows to go – two Saturday, one Sunday! I’ll be waiting to see that gorgeous girl in real life backstage!
    Break a Leg!

  2. Mama says:

    What a complete hoot to get greetings and encouragement from Beth L at the other end of the country! She is right on, too!

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