Sorta Wordless Wednesdsay – more art!

three-year-old self-portrait
E’s current self-portrait. (Notice that he has nipples. Also, the line above his spiky hair is his hat.)
three-year-old's portrait of baby sister
Portrait of baby sister. (Those balloons around her feet are the socks, and the all-encompassing circle is her shirt. Her pants are the two lines beside the feet.)
three-year-old's portrait of Daddy
Portrait of Daddy. (The line at the top of the face is his forehead.)
three-year-old's portrait of Mommy
Portrait of Mama. (You can see I started labelling because there was so much detail. A lot of those little circles are “music notes”, because I’m apparently dancing in this picture. To the right of my head is the “camel-fish” I’m thinking about. But my favourite part is probably the zipper teeth on the right. Or maybe my own scary teeth. Or maybe the tiny dots beside my ears – my shoulders. He kept asking, “What’s missing?” so some of the suggestions are mine, and some are his.)



4 thoughts on “Sorta Wordless Wednesdsay – more art!

    • diblog says:

      Auntie CL, I’m glad you asked about his hands on his ears… I asked him, in turn, and he said apparently he’s sleeping in his bed, “wearing a mask because he’s gonna be a daddy.” So… CPAP machine! HAHAHA!

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