7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Season

  1. Mama says:

    Hm. Seems rather as though the Christmas season is focused on one particular young man! Do I remember those days! They say Christmas is for children, and I always say Yes, but it’s also for adults, BUT the truth is it turns out to be especially for adults who have children in their lives!

  2. emerge says:

    Aw, that last shot is so nice too! Did Sean take that after work the other night? I am looking forward to seeing snow at home… I still think of that HAPPY NEW YEAR sign we made in the street 4 years ago…

  3. C says:

    I don’t know if you felt the same, but I was blown away by how differently I saw Christmas this year, when I looked at it through the eyes of my two and a half year old. Christmas blessings and a blessed New Year to you all!

    • diblog says:

      Absolutely, C. I think my toddler loves Christmas lights more than anything… and it’s suddenly exciting just driving around and seeing the lights.

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