(Almost) Wordless – Daddy’s Photos

**Lots of bloggers do “Wordless” days (traditionally Wednesdays) on which they don’t write a post, but they share pictures to speak for them.**

Daddy takes some great photos with his iPhone. Here are some of my favourites from this fall. The ones that look like they’ve spent a decade on the fridge are taken using the Hipstamatic app.

E in his shades, with treat
So cool.
E with tractor fall 2011
digger and red radio flyer wagon
Some favourite vehicles.
E taking a walk
He’s such a big boy now.
swinging at the park
Swinging at the park.


E playing in the pea gravel
Gravel + bucket = hours of fun!
blowing bubbles
Blowing bubbles.
E in real handcuffs
Those are real handcuffs – Uncle R is a cop. (E also got to sit in the police car.)
in the backyard with the hose
Hoses are fun too.
swinging at the park
The swing is actually his favourite thing at the park (unless the giant mower is there).
plaid shirt and picnic table
We love his garage band look.
E sitting on giant stuffed lion
The lion, the lamb, and the toddler.




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