Fun with Photo Booth

Hi folks!

Not a lot of time to write again today, so we did some experiments instead. Hope these don’t give you nightmares!

E had a lot of fun watching his face be squashed.

And Emi and I, as usual, laughed until our stomachs hurt.

See if you can guess which effect is called “Chipmunk”.

Have you ever seen anything so horrible?

GOOD TIMES, folks!!




5 thoughts on “Fun with Photo Booth

  1. Mama says:

    Wow – my sis is squeaking in just ahead of me – and I clicked on this as soon as it came into my inbox! Yah, ewwww, pretty bad – but I’ve seen worse: you and Em (and others?) WITHOUT the cute li’l guy!

  2. berty says:

    Those last ones remind me of Dudley from Harry Potter. 😐 Scary!
    Hey, have you changed your kitchen around? Or was that the effects that did that?

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