6 thoughts on “What a cool planet.

  1. diblog says:

    Yeah, or that evil micro-cloud-machine thing from Lost…
    And I must admit that Pachelbel’s Canon is pretty hackneyed for this. But I still find it pretty. 🙂

  2. Auntie CL says:

    when i was driving to Canada to immigrate in November of 1970, with my mother, we saw a wonderful huge skein of birds – hundreds of thousands, we think, that flew up and then moved in such a way that it looked like a ribbon twisting and furling in the sky. neither of us has ever forgotten that.

  3. emerge says:

    Di, did you see the one that Nanc posted on facebook, with two women in a canoe in Ireland? Dat was cool too. I know i have seen this in person but not sure when or how often… it is neat in video but looks so much like an awesome special effect that it’s hard not to just think it’s CGI or something!

    Krista, you are SCARY.

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