5 thoughts on “BANG Book and Movie Review Extravaganza

  1. Amanda says:

    Keep reading you will fall in love with Jamie! And I can’t believe I am in your blog!!! Assuming of course you did mean me lol ­čÖé

  2. emerge says:

    Amanda, you are forever and indelibly linked with Diana Gabaldon in my mind. It’s like you’re the same person, really.

    I have a #5 for The Passage, and it’s that Justin Cronin is Oh So Cute!!! Google him. Also he teaches at our parents’ alma mater, and lives in our aunt and uncle’s town, so really, there’s everything to love. Also his first book I have heard him read several stories from on Colgate U’s Youtube channel, and they are great. Though unapocalypsical.

    I love Marion Cotillard too. Though I don’t have a firm list, she’d be on it.

    I want to see 5050 and Crazy Stupid and Help and Midnight in Paris. Also I want to see midnight in Paris.


  3. Oooh, I like your self-challenge. It’s a nice way to cover a lot of ground without writing a very long novelesque (yes, I sometimes make up words too) post.

    Kind of reminds me of my “In a Nutshell” reviews. The only difference is they turned out to be much longer than a nutshell.

    Anywho, someone told me about Midnight in Paris earlier this summer and I forgot about it when it was released. There are just too many movies out right now that I want to go watch in theaters including that one, 50/50 and In Time.

    I refuse to watch The Help…in theaters, at least, but that’s a whole other story. Maybe I’ll read the book.

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