A little note to my favourite two-year-old

Dear E,

Yesterday, we went to the hospital. No big deal for us – you’ve been to the hospital several times recently because Daddy has follow-ups for his surgery. You like it there; there are elevators, and a tree of balloons outside the gift shop. You especially like the parking meters. (E: “There’s the meter!” Daddy: “Yeah, we’re gonna put some coins in there.” E: “Not corn, Daddy – MONEY!”)

While Daddy was being attended to, you and I rode up the elevator to the third floor just for fun. You ran down the empty hallway, so independent, adventurous, adorably tow-headed. But when I told you that we had to go find Daddy, you said, “Okay,” and came right back. (This is not always the case when I ask you to do something.) As you took my hand, you said, “You’re my favourite friend, Mommy.”

Sweetie Pie, I’m so glad you have so many friends, in all shapes and sizes. You know that all the grown-ups who come over are your friends; so are the kids at day care, and everyone you meet at Daddy’s work and my school. You are loved by more people than we can count.

I am also thrilled beyond description to be your favourite friend (although we did determine on the way home that Daddy is also your favourite friend). We told you that you’re our favourite friend too, but you won’t fully understand what that means until you have your own child someday. We love you so much that the entire sky cannot hold it all.

And we will love you like that forever. As you grow, I’m sure we will not always be your favourite friends. You will get mad at us as you push the limits we set for you; you will think we are tough on you just to make your life harder; you will discover we are old and uncool (not to mention sentimental!); you will undoubtedly give us snarky, ungrateful attitude sooner or later; you will probably make some very large mistakes that will make us angry; you might even tell us you hate us at some point.

We will still love you, as fiercely as ever.

It’s wonderful to know that you, at this moment, see the world as full of friends. You are secure in the knowledge that you are loved. (The other night, after a group of friends left – E: “Where’s Heather?” Mommy: “She had to go home.” E: “I want my friends! I want Skye!” Mommy: “She had to go home too, but she loves you very much.” E: “Yep. And Heather does too.”) As far as you know, the world is chock-full of only people who smile and want to hug you and read you stories.

I know this impression will not last. Someday, you will know people who will be mean to you, for no good reason. (I am hoping we can raise you not to be one of the mean ones.) You will have your heart broken, possibly multiple times. I can hardly bear to think of it.

For now, and for as long as you’re willing, we will stick with you as your favourite friends. It’s our privilege.




10 thoughts on “A little note to my favourite two-year-old

  1. emerge says:

    OH MY LORRRD!!!!! How did you not keel right OVER when he said that to you?? He is such an impresario of heart-stealing, whoosh.

    The other night when all those ladies were over, I was pretty bowled over when I came into the room where y’all were sitting and he came right over and put his arms around me and gave me a kiss. I wondered whether he was showing off or maybe just trying to get some attention since everyone else was focused on the speaker, but really I think he was just basking in all the E-love and brimming over so he had more to share. So crazy awesome, your kid.

    p.s. what do you think he would say if you told him he was tow-headed??

    p.p.s. I am totally going to be the good cop when he is a teenager. bwah ha ha.

  2. diblog says:

    Impresario of heart-stealing… that’s exactly it. This afternoon he said, “What are you doing, Mommy?” I said, “Straightening my hair.” He replied, “Look at your hair! It’s beautiful.” I’ve never even heard him use that word. How does a kid that small learn to be that charming??

  3. Mama says:

    part of a poem to my first-born, tow-headed son at 9 months – I do know what you mean! –

    O my son,
    I know
    that you will grow:
    you will skin your knees
    and dirty your face;
    you will frown and turn from me,
    when I try to kiss you;
    you will learn worlds of wondrous things;
    you will bring me ever-widening joy;
    and I suspect
    you will break my heart
    a few times.
    Little boy,
    in my arms you sigh,
    gentle and wise.
    I shall kiss your cherub brow
    (a feather touch – it will not wake you):
    you are wholly mine for now.

  4. emerge says:

    also, he is totally working on the charm thing with compliments – he has several times told me that he liked my skirt or my shirt, or said that Mommy looked nice today.

  5. Bethy says:

    He once told me that a blue umbrella was beautiful. I like the things he chooses to comment on.
    If I were Skye, I’d be feeling veeeery special after reading that post! 🙂
    <3 <3 <3

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