10 thoughts on “A little note to my favourite two-year-old

  1. emerge says:

    OH MY LORRRD!!!!! How did you not keel right OVER when he said that to you?? He is such an impresario of heart-stealing, whoosh.

    The other night when all those ladies were over, I was pretty bowled over when I came into the room where y’all were sitting and he came right over and put his arms around me and gave me a kiss. I wondered whether he was showing off or maybe just trying to get some attention since everyone else was focused on the speaker, but really I think he was just basking in all the E-love and brimming over so he had more to share. So crazy awesome, your kid.

    p.s. what do you think he would say if you told him he was tow-headed??

    p.p.s. I am totally going to be the good cop when he is a teenager. bwah ha ha.

  2. diblog says:

    Impresario of heart-stealing… that’s exactly it. This afternoon he said, “What are you doing, Mommy?” I said, “Straightening my hair.” He replied, “Look at your hair! It’s beautiful.” I’ve never even heard him use that word. How does a kid that small learn to be that charming??

  3. Mama says:

    part of a poem to my first-born, tow-headed son at 9 months – I do know what you mean! –

    O my son,
    I know
    that you will grow:
    you will skin your knees
    and dirty your face;
    you will frown and turn from me,
    when I try to kiss you;
    you will learn worlds of wondrous things;
    you will bring me ever-widening joy;
    and I suspect
    you will break my heart
    a few times.
    Little boy,
    in my arms you sigh,
    gentle and wise.
    I shall kiss your cherub brow
    (a feather touch – it will not wake you):
    you are wholly mine for now.

  4. emerge says:

    also, he is totally working on the charm thing with compliments – he has several times told me that he liked my skirt or my shirt, or said that Mommy looked nice today.

  5. Bethy says:

    He once told me that a blue umbrella was beautiful. I like the things he chooses to comment on.
    If I were Skye, I’d be feeling veeeery special after reading that post! 🙂
    <3 <3 <3

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