6 thoughts on “The Summer of My Initiation

  1. emerge says:

    Di, I will read this more fully tomorrow – haven’t read the whole list in detail yet, just the titles mostly, but it was still enough to make me weepy. Both the good and sad parts. I’m glad I got to be there for all the things I was – and I’m glad that there are memories of drinks on patios, lightning storms and canoe picnics to surround the memories of hospitals, ashes and cabbage leaves. I hope all those things will stay together in your mind when you think of this summer and everything you went through. I know you’re still going through it, but that going back to school this fall does mark a new phase. I just wish you all the best of strength and energy and braininess and whatever else you need to make your first week back as smooth as possible. I love you.

  2. oh, Sunshine, i am glad you do this. you have balance and perspective because you make yourself have balance and perspective, partly through the writing. sorry we missed seeing you three today — still waiting to celebrate your birthday and E’s. i’m glad you had many and varied occasions of tears and talk – you will be caught out less and less, and more reliable composure will return, but i’m so glad for you and Sean that you have the courage to go through every part of your experience bravely and with a whole heart. and with each other. i love you!

  3. Quinnsies says:

    What a summer. Even little things like cherries and bubbles help with the massively difficult parts. I hope your first week back goes alright – I love you!

  4. Mama says:

    I’m only just now reading this, on Tuesday night – never had my computer on yesterday or today till 10:30. Like your auntie CL, I’m glad you have this place to exercise your remarkable balance and perspective skills. They form the perfect counterpart to lots of crying, which I’m also glad you do. And you do have all the reasons for that straight! Just like all your other commenters, I love you – and also Sean and E and most of the commenters, too.

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