6 thoughts on “Rebecca Black’s Friday and Other YouTube Sensations

  1. BD says:

    So here’s how it went down:
    Stephen Colbert sold a portrait of himself for $26,000 and donated the funds to DonorsChoose.org and, without consultation, announced that his BFFSM (Best Friend Forever for Six Months), Jimmy Fallon, would be matching that donation. Jimmy had made no such commitment, and on his show declared that if his fans covered the amount, Stephen Colbert would appear on his show to sing Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday.’ The fans came through, and this is the result: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLAMhTorPCk

  2. emerge says:

    I thought it was a suspense film – front seat? back seat? WHICH ONE??? OMG!!!

    Also, the dude on his own in a different car talking about the seats, that was just really confusing. And a little bit creepy since he seemed to be much older than the other kids. Maybe he was police? Or one of their dads, ready to pay off the police if they got pulled over for underage driving, or too many people kickin it without seatbelts.

    I did enjoy, though, the nod to public transit when she starts out at the bus stop. (“My parents are rich enough to pay for my vanity video, but not so snooty they have to drive me to school.”)

    And despite the glitzy dresses and Rebecca’s overdone makeup (ok, I only wished to look like that when I was 13), those look like pretty darn wholesome kids! Look at em! They’d never make it into a Britney Spears video, would they? One girl even seems to have braces. And – I was watching for it – there is no evidence of drugs or alcohol being involved in their partyin partyin. Though maybe it’s implied; she does say “fun, fun, think about fun – you know what it is.” And she does grab her chest and say “I got this, you got this.” And offer “my friend is by my right.” Hmm.

    On second watching, it struck me that maybe the guys who made this had seen all those Literal Videos on youtube and thought they were for real? The lyrics about how he’s driving, cruising, there’s a school bus; or how it’s 7 am and I gotta get downstairs and get a bowl to eat cereal – that’s classic Literal stuff.

    Though maybe it’s more like an instructional video, like I’d use in ESL class. For learning prepositions of how people are arranged in a car, or the days of the week. We don’t need to know WHY they’re so much fun, we really need to know what they’re CALLED first.

    Anyway. Yeah. Death threats, or even vicious youtube comments, are just way out of any kind of line, and all that stuff you said. This all makes me a bit nostalgic for the old low-tech non-globalized days before the internet.

    The days when a woman who wanted to get famous singing bad songs had to rent a camera and a limousine on her own and had no Auto-tune to fall back on. Watching Jan Terri is like a little trip back to the awkward cheesiness of the era of my youth, when being nerdy wasn’t cool yet (no Bo, yo) and bad fashion was cool. Sigh. I miss that. I’m glad Jan Terri has immortalized some of that spirit so consummately.

    (Please notice that Jan Terri doesn’t have to choose a seat; she has a guy in uniform to show her where to sit.)

    I think Bo got all the lyrics that Rebecca’s video didn’t have. And cleverness. (monthly ellipsis! hahaha. And I didn’t get that BAT-out-of-Basement thing before.) Yeah, also all the drugs and sex. And non-sequiturs. And Asian child labour. It’s sort of the anti-Friday.

    I I I so tired. I gonna go to bed now. Tomorrow is Tuesday.

  3. Krista says:

    My 14 year old niece showed me the Friday video… so that she could then show me a parody video which ends abruptly after 30 or 40 seconds with a “crash” and a warning not to let 13 year olds drive. I know someone who refused to watch a recent episode of Glee because it featured a cover of this song. It certainly has people talking. And no, it’s not a good song. And no, she doesn’t have a good voice, even with (or maybe especially with?) “Auto-tune”. But she certainly doesn’t deserve the vicious comments that have apparently been made. There are a lot of people out there in cyberspace who need to mind their manners.
    On a slightly different note… I loved the Stephen Colbert version! Funny! I couldn’t even get through that Jan Terri video (how on earth did you find that??) and just for fun, here’s a link to my favourite Literal Video (which I showed my niece right after she subjected me to “Friday”).

  4. emerge says:

    That’s my favourite Literal Video too, Krista – the first one I ever saw, and nothing else has lived up to it. Glad there’s still a version out there…

    There is a feature on Jan Terri, about 20 minutes broken up in 4 parts on youtube – “The One, The Only Jan Terri” i think, if you look. I recommend it.

    (There’s also a guy named Mark Gormley who comes up in the sidebar along with these things. He’s got actual musical chops, and seems like a nice guy, even if he never figured out that most people don’t stand stock still in their music videos!)

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