Royal Wedding(s): the world deserves a happy, sentimental tizzy

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3 thoughts on “Royal Wedding(s): the world deserves a happy, sentimental tizzy

  1. emerge says:

    Oh oh! I was seven (i think?) when Charles and Di got married. I had read every inch of that magazine (and the two little books on the bride and groom – don’t know if those are still around – they didn’t have as many pictures so I don’t remember them as well!) – and pretty well memorized everything about both Charles and Di that was in it.

    Perfect adoring colonial subject, but more importantly a little girl who had fed on fairy tales and was gorging on this one! Oh, the dress – remember that picture with the dress spread out allll around her, like an ivory lake?

    And that photo that the press went mad about where you could see the outline of her legs through the skirt; I think that was also the one where she was posing with two of her kindergarten students. A princess who WORKED for a living! Shocking. Though she did still abide in mansions and have lordly relatives and all that. I think she had a Shetland pony; that was the first time I remember seeing one. And there was a photo of Charles in Papua New Guinea, first time for that too. I’m glad I was an innocent romantic untainted little girl at the time, cause I enjoyed all of that to the jewel-encrusted hilt.

    Lady Diana seemed like an elegant grown-up to me…come to think of it, she may have been partly responsible for my thinking that 20 was the age at which one had a job and got married. Seemed reasonable for her!

    But yeah, I know nothing of the new Royal Couple really at all, but she does look like an upstanding no-nonsense kind of beautiful princess. Yay! Here’s to the happy couple ­čÖé

  2. emerge says:

    p.s. Di, you didn’t mention your name-sake connection to Les Didi! (we thought it would change everything… humph!)

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