2 thoughts on “Toddler Tracks: Everyone Poops

  1. emerge says:

    Beth and Dylan can attest to the impressiveness of last night’s performance – much more lively than this one – given by E from the change table where he was being diapered and sleepered the whole time. I started reading the book and he just chimed right in with Big Poop and we got most of the way through the book before he was ready. He NEVER EVEN LOOKED at the book.

    “…shapes…colours…smells” was all right on the money the first time. “–on the move” and “–IN the water” are probably my favourites for intonation. “–here-n-there” is fun too. “–flushes it down” got the best reaction, I think.

    (Just remember, please don’t poop in the helicopter.)

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