Toddler Tracks: Letters, Words, and Sentences

I didn’t know E could sing the alphabet song until he suddenly sang it for me the other day. Well, truth be told, it’s a pretty loose approximation, but (being his mom) I was still impressed. Apparently between Daddy singing it with him and the talking alphabet toy at day care, he’s picked up quite a few chunks of it.

Here are some of our favourite words he seems to enjoy using:

  • xylophone
  • elevator
  • ambulance
  • cinnamon
  • trapezoid
  • pectorals
  • orangutan
  • samurai (Auntie Em has a samurai alarm clock that speaks Japanese)
  • vaporizer (we got one when he was sick and he wanted to know what it was – he also likes the word humidifier but pronounces it “formidifier”, which I imagine would be something else entirely)
  • tambourine
  • bocconcini

Here are some things he’s been saying that make us chuckle:

  • “Lemme show you.”
  • “Do some typing.”
  • “Wanna smell it.” (Usually in relation to cinnamon.)
  • “I made it,” or conversely, “I broke it.” (Usually in relation to things he neither made nor broke.)
  • When asked if he needs the potty, picking up my phone in obvious hopes of a redirect: “Play with my phone.”
  • “Call them.” When asked whom he wants to call: “Friends.”
  • With any random item he decides he wants to “clean”: “Put it in the garbage.” He’s gotten so industrious about this that sometimes he puts useful things, like hats, into the garbage.
  • While playing with a folded piece flowery of wrapping paper: “Read it. Ooh, trees! Lift the flap.”
  • After getting a big belly raspberry from his mom: “Excuse me. Excuse Mummy.”
  • At no particular time, with a big smile and open arms for Auntie Em: “Happy birthday to you!”
  • When he got scooped up onto Em’s lap, about to be tickled: “What’s gonna happen?!”
  • He also likes to add “yeah” onto the end of suggestions he’d like to reinforce, as in, “Want a cookie, yeah.” I probably inadvertently taught him this while trying to confirm if the things he would say were real requests or just parrotting: “You want The Bellybutton Book? Yeah?”

We are amazed every day at the words he chooses to put together and the things he comments on. Man, this talking thing!! It’s exciting… and constantly entertaining.


6 thoughts on “Toddler Tracks: Letters, Words, and Sentences

  1. emerge says:

    oh my goodness, Happy Birthday was THE BEST. We had just put on our coats and he was about to go for a car ride and a stroller ride, we were leaving and when i got his coat done up he just said it as if it were the exact thing to say at that moment, and he was very assertive and glad about it. SO AWESOME. Then he kept saying it in the car.

    I have found his baby in the garbage, and the baby’s hat as well. Sometimes things from the recycling. So far no books though.

    He does sometimes say I Broke It at appropriate moments, though the broken thing in question may not be something broken by him. Like the old books at Grammy’s house.

    When I turned off the Samurai because it was getting annoying, he became concerned and said “Batteries. Get batteries.”

    The formidifier is something he can recognize in its various parts, including the instruction booklet. It has a certain captivating quality.

    Do Some Typing can refer to either a computer or a cell phone. He typed a message to a friend of mine the other day, and sent it. I told him to press the H for hello, and he asked “Where’s the H one?”

    Sometimes he answers Yeah to all the questions. Even when they don’t make any sense. But he seems to know.

  2. emerge says:

    Oh my goodness – speaking of smelling (“smewling”) – the other day Mommy was on the phone and E was just waking up from napping in the big bed and started licking the pillow and then the sheet. Then he said “Tasty!” and when I asked what it tasted like, he thought for a moment and said “Lemons.” (We’re not sure he knows what lemons taste like.)

    I asked him if he had dreamed about anything and he said yes, and I asked what and he said Match! Burn It, and held out his finger. And there was something about People. I’m not sure he knows what dreaming means, but he definitely has an imagination going on in there.

  3. Beth says:

    Love it!! SO smart! And he even knows FDR?! Verbal and historical-political…. what a little dreamboat.

  4. Mama says:

    In regard to Mommy Di’s last comment: You’re telling me! This was what was so absolutely dynamically fun and exciting for me about all 4 of you.

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