Just a few reasons I love my hubby

I know I missed Valentine’s Day blogging this year, but I figure any day is a good day to write a tribute to someone you love.

This one is about my Hubbibi. He is:

  • snuggly
  • warm and generous (to the extent that he always lets me warm my cold feet on him in bed – even if he’s already been asleep)
  • funny, with a bizarre and geeky sense of humour (very compatible with mine)
  • smart and knowledgeable (to the extent that if I ever don’t know the answer to something, I am just as likely to ask him as the InterWeb – and he’s almost as likely to know)
  • a wonderful daddy (good at story-reading, monster-imitating, tickling, cuddling, face-making, etc.)
  • passionate and inspirable about countless different things
  • and dependable. Last night, I was so grateful to have him as a parenting partner. E was having a rough evening and was not himself. Around bedtime, he got all upset and kept crying and we didn’t know why – when he eventually fell asleep, it didn’t last long, and then there was more crying. By that time, Daddy had left for trivia night (I told him to go ahead, we were fine), and I was trying all the different things I could think of to help my poor little boy, but I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I texted my hubby – mostly because it’s scary to worry alone, to listen alone to your child crying – and he came home right away, no questions asked. Even though he didn’t know what was wrong either, just having him there made me feel so much better, calmer. And soon after that, E took a turn for the better and fell asleep… almost magically. Like I said… so grateful.

There are lots more things I could add, but those are for another day. (Or unbloggable. ;D)

BONUS E-photo, just for kicks:

Thankfully, E was much more himself today. He amused himself by climbing on the couch, lounging around, and arranging pillows in a decadent formation around him, having deliberately chosen this book:

E at 20 months with The Elements of Style

The Elements of Style. Works on so many levels.

FURTHER BONUS E-quote (in response to me singing Raffi lyrics “Went to the doctor and the doctor said, ‘Ooh-ah, I got a pain in my side!'”): “Ooh-ah! Penis, penis.” (I guess some of the right sounds are there.)

I can just imagine the wonderful situations in which this will crop up.


5 thoughts on “Just a few reasons I love my hubby

  1. emo says:

    I’m so sorry you had a rough night and had to worry alone! but i’m glad you have a hubbibi.

    I miss y’all! I left class early tonight hoping to make the 8:35 bus so I could get the city bus home, but i #@$X#$% didn’t make it. So now I’m sitting in Vari Atrium killing time till the next one. Just wish I hadn’t left class early. Sigh. We had a guest speaker even. I guess this is more appropriate for an email, but hey, mini guest blog!

    Anyway. I’ll see y’all tomorrow, right? is anybody home?

    Oh, and on the subject at hand – E is ALL ABOUT the elements of style. Cozy style. And apparently penis style.

  2. Grammie says:

    There are not many places you can reasonably use the phrase “penis style” in conjunction with a diatribe on buses.

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