Bedtime Stalling Techniques

Folks, I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I’ve been feeling overpowered by life: among other things, reading The Hunger Games and finding that it consumed my brain to the extent that I was afraid to start the next book for fear of falling off the planet, AND now, report cards. I’m rather behind on those at this moment.

Anyway. Here’s a silly video, one I subtitle “Can You Tell It’s Almost Bedtime?” Beware: it’s a bit screechy. Also, we’ve noticed E really LOVES to see himself on the screen. He knows it’s him, and he’s fascinated. (Can’t really blame him, though… after all, so are we.)


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6 thoughts on “Bedtime Stalling Techniques

  1. emerge says:

    this is funny and uncharacteristic in that we are doing most of the talking – he hardly does any! just lots of sounds :). kind of nice, in a way… look, i can be a normal hyper baby too! not just a typing and reading maniac.

    at dinner i was singing Baby Beluga and he sang a little with me – just the second Baby Beluga in the chorus, but still. it was good times.

  2. Bev says:

    He is, as Papa notes, not displaying his intellectual side in this video!

    Do you think he’s getting more teeth? He seems very orally-fixated.

  3. Krista says:

    I would much rather read The Hunger Games than write report cards (or my course assignments). It was such a great trilogy!!
    Watching videos of your cutie is another good stalling technique….

  4. Amanda says:

    Victoria read the whole hunger games series in 9 days…she could not put it down.We would be in the car on the way to get the next book and she would be rambling things that meant nothing to me.
    “Can you believe it mom!!!! Can you believe what happened to District 12???!!!” What is a mother to say….”Ummm no I guess not dear. What is a District eight?” To which she would relpy “MOOOOOOOOMMMM! It is District 12!!!!”
    Wanna know the best part? LOL I knew it was twelve all along! 🙂

    Hope you enjoying the ending. Victoria would love some one to debrief the book with. Let us know when you are done.

    PS I love E even when he is screechy.

  5. Quinn says:

    Hi Di! Did you like the Hunger Games? I’m almost done with my current book (Her Fearful Symmetry) and looking for the next target. Everett is so adorable! As always…

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