A Late Christmas Present

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

I know it’s not really Christmas any more, and frankly, I know a lot of people whose Christmases were actually pretty un-merry… but we’ll talk about that another time. I still hope for joy for all of you.

For now (and I apologize for the delay – I meant to post this on the very same day, and many things have prevented me), let’s just look at a cute video of that kid I hang out with all the time. If you want.

On Christmas Eve day, he and Auntie Em were chillin’ and being festive, and Em got this footage. (Thanks, Emi.) They were in the music room at my parents’ house, enjoying the window seat. In case you’re not sure of what the little guy is talking about, here are the topics he covers:


  1. Also, the thing where I saw WOOO! is invisible in this video, but there is a very pretty seagull mobile just above camera level! It looks quite picturesque when it does show up.

  2. How fantastic! Well, of course it is, I mean he is the Fantastic Mr. E after all! Hey E, wanna accompany me on the fiddle w/ your drum? I’m sure you will master the drum long before I master the fiddle! Thanks Di for this video, it made me smile first thing this morning! xoxox to you all!

  3. Okay, everybody, you gotta know that he saw DEER later on – 4 or 5 of them – moving slowly at the edge of the woods. That was a high point.

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