5 thoughts on “An Evening with a Silly, Precocious Toddler

  1. emerge says:

    e.g. (sorry Di if I’m stealing a blog story!) tonight when Di went to nurse-snack him before bed, he said “other side” (“a-side”) after only a few seconds, so she said “You always say that; why do I even bother?” and E said, as she was switching him to the other side, “Why bother? Why bother? Why bother?” insistently (and with improving pronunciation!) until pacified with milk.

    Then it was time for bed and Sean said something about what they were going to do and then “Do you know why?” and E said “Why?” with exactly right intonation. You’d think he really knows what he’s saying. Maybe he does!

    I also heard him say “turn light on” tonight for the first time, instead of “turndon” as usual. He’s a WHIZ.

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