Eighteen Months Old = A Year and a Half!

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8 thoughts on “Eighteen Months Old = A Year and a Half!

  1. Suze Corte says:

    wonderful post, Di. Cherish every moment and then some! I know the feeling of being so proud and so amazed at one’s baby. It is a true blessing. Love you!!

  2. Bev says:

    And cumbumber! It’s a favourite, too, I know.

    This was a lovely trip down memory lane and present-day avenue and even future road! Thanks for blogging!

  3. 11 November, 1979

    Dear Banana,

    I wish there were a way you could know yourself. Like, when you’re fifteen or thirty-two, it would be great if you could hang out with your eighteen-month-old self. You would love you, just like everyone else does.


  4. Bev says:

    If blogging had been around when you kids were babies/toddlers/little/growing up, there are lots of people who would say that there HAVE been kids as good as yours in the world!

  5. Amanda says:

    I love your blog. It makes me remember so many things about when my kids were little and also makes me wish I more in my journal. This will be so great for E to read some day…or for his future wife and kids to read. My kids (even Matthew) love looking through bits and bobs from when they were little. Thanks for sharing your memories. They make me smile. Big Love to Everett!

  6. Rachel McQuail says:

    Beautiful Dianna! I can’t believe E’s a year and a half and we haven’t gotten over to meet him and see you guys! The time is just flying by. So glad that you’re enjoying every moment and that I have now discovered your blog! : )
    Thanks for sharing!

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