My Bloggiversary

How silly that the first week of November (which some call National Blog Posting Month) 2010, I was so busy and harried and generally off my rocker that I did not manage to blog AT ALL. I missed my very own Bloggiversary, November 2nd!

This time last year, I barely knew what a blog was, barely anyone knew I had a blog, and I didn’t fully know what to do with my blog. What I did know was that it felt good and right to be writing things, whether anyone read them or not. The diarist in me, which had lain mostly dormant for almost a decade, was like, “Um, THANK YOU… Why have you neglected me so horribly all these years??”

Here is my list of excuses. In the past week I managed to

  • teach for two days (normally three, but one day was for report-writing);
  • write my progress reports;
  • rehearse for the school play, having just found out that my co-choreographer will be on bedrest from now on (for her pregnancy), so I’m doing the whole thing myself;
  • fulfill my Treat Day responsibilities at work (if you’re on Thursday treats and you forget to bring anything… it’s a sad, bitter day in the staffroom);
  • half-choreograph 2 pieces for the Mish Mash Belly Bash coming up in less than two weeks;
  • go to my 2.5 hour dance rehearsal;
  • meet for an extra practice with my co-dancer in the duet for the show;
  • keep an evening date with friends I don’t see often enough;
  • have a mom date;
  • do a Pampered Chef party;
  • read the 841-page The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (MOTL);
  • host book club at my house (which included more treats and significant tidying – of course Sean is always extremely helpful on the housecleaning front);
  • parent my kid, including trimming his nails (which he is loath to let me do);
  • donate blood;

and a few other things that don’t lend themselves to being listed.

I’m not telling you this so you’ll be in awe of my abilities. I was not very punctual to many of these things; I didn’t eat too healthfully; I didn’t get whip myself into rock-hard shape like I’d planned; and my treats for school were all store-bought (although I have to say, if you use really cool serving dishes, people are more impressed).

And yet, a hectic week like that proves to me that I actually can get more done when I have less free time and more structure. It’s just that certain things fall by the wayside… like my blog. Which won’t do.

I think this week will be a lot easier. And once the show’s done… life will be a bowl of cherries!


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  1. I happen to think you’ve done an outstanding job with your blog, and I’m even more impressed by that now that I have read the listing of everything you’re doing! Just taking care of a toddler while working at an outside job is enough already! Go put your feet up and eat some cherries. Happy Bloggiversary!

  2. Love your blog — happy bloggiversary!

    Book club was great… the treats were delish!

    I know what you mean about Thursday treat days…. certain people on my staff like to remind me of my mad dash to Timmy’s for donuts at the start of break!! 🙂

  3. Oh, well – here I am only READING this post on the 14th!

    On the train coming home tonight was a mama and baby probably about 9 months. He was pretty good, though he got tired of riding on the train. When he finally drifted off on a pillow on her lap, she whipped out her little scissors and trimmed his fingernails! A universal challenge, it seems, amongst mums of babes.

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