Jack-o’-Lanterns… still punkins at heart.

These are the Jack-‘o’-Lanterns we carved for Halloween last night. Can you guess which one was carved by Dilovely and which by my hubbibi?

meanish pumpkin jack o lantern

E was not happy to see this face on his beloved vegetable. He said, “Punkin… face… face.” He went to touch it and then started to look teary – so Skye (who traditionally spends Halloween with us, helps us with the trick-or-treaters, and leaves unprotected candy on her own porch) whipped it around to face the other way while his back was turned.

This one went over a lot better.

goofy pumpkin jack o lantern

We discovered that Skye can hold her own with the repetitive nature of E’s conversational skills: she can say “Jack-o’-lantern” as many times as he can say “Punkin”. But, strangely (considering what a parrot he’s become), he did not pick up the new word.

Here’s a flashback, just for fun: E one year ago. Awww.

Baby E in caterpillar halloween costume***

2 thoughts on “Jack-o’-Lanterns… still punkins at heart.

  1. emoley says:


    Post the Pumpkin video from the Flip! I think I got some of one too. On my camera, at home.

    Ohhhh punkins.

    I missed last year’s costume-time! What happened to this year’s? He dressed up as a cutie-pie?

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