School Snippets #6: Halloween

I’m sheepish to say that I haven’t put much effort into Halloween since I’ve been an adult. Even more shamefully, there have been two years out of the last three where I didn’t even manage to get a real pumpkin for jack-o-lantern purposes (I left it so late that there were none left – seriously!).

But I have to say, I love seeing the kids at school dressed up, and the more incongruous the persona, the better. I love seeing, for example, sweet little brainiac boy in full-on Kiss regalia, punky Harley-Davidson kid in a pinstripe suit and fedora, Miss Chatterbox as a mime (she actually refrained almost entirely from speaking today), and severely quirky ADHD kid as Abe Lincoln.

My favourite costumes seen today:

  • Lego (so simple, yet so great!)
  • A stoplight that actually lights up (he rigged up the lights with his dad – the other year he was a gumball machine and it was equally amazing)
  • A MacBook (sandwich-board-style: desktop on one side, Apple on the other)
  • And… I wish you could have seen this… a Guy in the Wind. He had a blown-inside-out umbrella, and had somehow rigged his hair, his jacket, and his tie to all stick out in the same direction. Sheer brilliance.

I, on the other hand… borrowed some sparkly pumpkin earrings from my co-worker. Bravo, Mme S., bravo. Yeesh.

Maybe these will help atone for my apparent lack of spirit:




4 thoughts on “School Snippets #6: Halloween

  1. Skye says:

    If I recall correctly there was an attempt to carve . . . a squash? or turnip? . . . definately some sort of vegetable . . .

  2. emoley says:

    i am with you. i was relieved when working at NMGL that halloween was on a friday so i wasn’t working and didn’t have to dress up! if i were forced to do so it would amount to something superlame like cat ears or some eyeliner-based attempt at something vaguely witchy or gothic. i just don’t have the halloween spirit anymore. ! maybe i used up my quota as a kid? i never did anything quite so AWESOME as those kids you describe, though! MAN! Kudos to Guy In Wind, Lego and Macbook.

    I do love pumpkins. Love pumpkins. The ardour of my youthful halloweeniness may have faded to apathetic curmudgeonliness, but may in fact have shifted over to a love of all things pumpkin-related. I want to buy them every time I pass the bins outside Loblaws or Rabba or Market Fresh or wherever. I want to eat all the pumpkin pie I see. Like E, I want to touch and pat the pumpkins and induce them to be my friends.

    Waiting for the GO bus at Dundurn the other day there was a small child in arms in the bus shelter who was wearing an orange velour costume way too big for her that kept slipping over her face. I’m pretty sure it was supposed to be a pumpkin.

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