Bellydance Bizarre

I thought y’all might enjoy this video of (some of) our dance troupe, Invoketress, dancing our interpretation of the story of Lillith to Apocalyptica’s cover of Metallica’s “One”. We performed last weekend at the Bellydance Bizarre, hosted by DownHips of Cambridge. What a fantastic show: all the dancers bring their most funny/weird/creepy numbers to the Halloween show every year, and it’s GREAT.

It’s a bit rough: the images were inserted to mitigate the annoyance of people’s heads getting in the way of the footage, and also it must be admitted that this choreography was created for the show we’re doing a month from now… so we don’t perform as solidly in this video as we plan to in November. And we’re going to have a real guitarist who will play rather more seriously. But STILL! I hope you enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Bellydance Bizarre

  1. Krista says:

    Okay, I was NOT expecting the guitar! LOL I wish I had watched this before bellydancing tonight -then I could have asked Minerva to show us her heavy metal choreography! Great job – looking forward to seeing it at the Mish Mash Belly Bash. 🙂

  2. bd says:

    Apocalyptica! Sweet! We watched a live video of this tune just last night, oddly enough…. Looks like you had fun with this!

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