Baby Bits XXIII

It’s been a busy couple weeks in Baby Bits Land!

  • Some of you will have read Auntie Em’s Facebook status from yesterday: “Today Evi played with magnets on the fridge while I made lunch. By the time we were ready to eat, he could identify all of them by pointing or speaking: Fish, Butterfly, Alligator (a little scary), Baby Teeth, Canada Flag, Puffins, Greenpeace, Fiddle, Myrtle Beach and Gargoyle. *Very important vocabulary.*”
  • We’ve been to several parks. E has been down slides, jiggled around on springy animals, and swung on swings. At Ribfest Guelph (at which neither of us ate ribs but it was fun anyway) he even went on the Carousel with his friends! He did not like being held atop a hard shiny horse while we waited, but then when it actually began to move, he got a grin on his face that stayed the whole time. My personal most memorable moment was when he was inside this little train car with a steering wheel, and another little girl joined him. He spotted the soother in her mouth and thought it looked good – a lot like his – and went to take it out of her mouth (to put it in his own, no doubt). It’s my welcome to the world of having progeny who do embarrassing yet funny things.
  • E is kissing lots of things these days: parents, other folks he loves, stuffed animals, aforementioned magnets… In fact, the other day, Daddy came around the corner of the bedroom to find E kissing his reflection in the full-length mirror.
  • We’ve had one visit with the woman, M, who will be helping us with day care. She and E took to each other right away, thank goodness; same with the other little girl, K, who was there that day. They both were charmed to see him give kisses to K’s little stuffed fox.
  • My favourite of his recently learnt words is “home”. Whenever we come home from somewhere in the car, I say, “We’re home!” Just the other day we arrived home and he said “Home!” unprompted. Other words I get a kick out of are the weirder ones he gets from specific books or pictures, like otter, badger, and gargoyle. For some reason he’s learned three, but no other numbers yet. And tonight there was some music on that he thought was cool, so he held onto the coffee table and bopped around saying “Dass! Dass!” Yeah, baby… dance!
  • This clip from last week is classic. You’ll notice Daddy gives E’s cheek a little tickle at one point… well, today we discovered that E will tickle Daddy’s cheek right back. I almost died of cuteness.


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3 thoughts on “Baby Bits XXIII

  1. Suze Corte says:

    Ev’t reached for Sean’s hand and then pointed to his chin. He LIKES the chin tickle and wanted more…that’s what I saw.

    It’s AMAZING when they start making so many connections, isn’t it? WOW~ He’s just the cutest widdle feller!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bev says:

    Three is the magic number, of course!

    Are you keeping a list of words with dates? So when I find the ones I made with you kids we can compare vocabulary?

  3. emoley says:

    What about 8? We read the 10 little ladybugs book this morning and on EVERY page he pointed to the big numeral and said “Eight!”

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