BANG Movie Review: Inception


The other night, dears,
E’s parents finally got to see that movie everyone’s talking about.

Never in my life or brain could I come up with such a
Crazy, twisty, intricate plot
Even on hallucinatory drugs. Probably.
Performances were solid, with lots of cool people engaged in some serious
Teamwork – and I get a kick out of that. Nice and heisty.
I laughed out loud several times at the dry wit of the dialogue
Only sometimes there were lines that surprised me with their banality.
Nolan is one messed-up, brilliant guy.

Effects in this movie, especially relating to physics and gravity, were
Xcellent and xciting, making us shake our heads and say Wow.
Persuasive soundtrack, if sometimes a bit overbearing;
Engrossing ideas that stuck around and invaded my own dreams,
Resulting in lively discussion and questions, in turn revealing
Inconsistencies and plot holes… yes, as Auntie
Em said, perhaps the movie-makers bit off rather more than they could chew.
Notwithstanding, Sean and I couldn’t help but be pretty awestruck, and agreed
Cotillard is just about as gorgeous as a woman can possibly be.
En résumé: once you see this movie, you’re not likely to forget it.


**SPOILER ALERT BELOW… if you’ve seen the movie, feel free to weigh in!**


So what do you think? Was Mal right when she jumped? Is she now alive in reality, waiting for Cobb? And if so, is she willfully going into his dreams on her own?

And now that I’ve been on imdb and seen that the character’s name is spelled like the French word for “evil”… um, what the heck?!

AND, I thought I was being all smart and getting the hint from the creators when I noticed that the countdown music they always play before the kick is Edith Piaf, a character played by Marion Cotillard in La vie en rose… you know, meaning that Mal is actually orchestrating everything or some such… but then, there’s no answer!


3 thoughts on “BANG Movie Review: Inception

  1. Skye says:

    This is my favourite movie this summer – by far! I’m glad you finally saw it. When I saw it (the first time) the whole audience groaned (in a good way, I think) at the end. I actually liked the open-endedness of it. That way you can believe what you want.

    p.s. mmmmm Leo mmmmmm

    • diblog says:

      I’m glad too! I didn’t mind the open-endedness as much as I normally would, since I basically assume he’s telling us the truth with the spinning top. But who knows? What do YOU think happened?

      Also, as you know, your true love did a great job.

  2. Quinn says:

    I loved this movie so much – I thought it was really creative, well-acted, thought-provoking, and so visually stunning. And I love the idea that they had to carefully place several layers of subtle ideas into the subconscious in order to plant a complicated emotion into someone else’s mind. So dreamlike!

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