BANG Movie Review: Dinner for Schmucks

Rotten Tomatoes is not so hot on the new film Dinner for Schmucks. Skye and I went to see it anyway. Here are thirteen thoughts about it.

  1. Adaptation of 1998 French film “Le dîner des cons”, ergo pretty zany.
  2. I do not recall anyone in the film actually using the word schmuck.
  3. There were lines that made me chuckle aloud (note: I was in a good mood… watching an uninterrupted movie w/ friend + popcorn. That helps).
  4. There were also lines (and whole scenes) that made me roll my eyes.
  5. There were actually a couple moments that I would venture to call poignant (remember: good mood!).
  6. Paul Rudd = cute and mostly endearing.
  7. Steve Carell = annoying and sorta funny. (As the character dictates.)
  8. P. R.’s girlfriend = adorable cross between Audrey Tautou (Amélie) and Morena Baccarin (Firefly) = refreshing change from the typical girlfriend.
  9. Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords) as nympho artist = hands-down best character. Pretty sure he improvised most of his lines.
  10. That Therman character = gotta be a nod to Office Space… where did they find a guy with such a strange combination of dweebiness and eeriness??
  11. That Darla character = horrifying.
  12. The actual Dinner = extraordinary gathering indeed! Guy with Vulture and Lady Who Channels Dead Animals = really quite something. Blind Swordsman = not as entertaining.
  13. Steve Carell’s Mousterpieces and Dioramas = worth the price of the ticket right there. Somebody actually made all of those. It’s crazy, dudes.

dinner for schmucks steve carell jemaine clementdinner for schmucks last supper mousterpiece

To sum up: Surpassed my (very low) expectations. But probably wait for it to come out on video. Or longer.

P.S. Sorry, Papa – Baby Bits next time, I promise!


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